Music Scholarships

Lawrence University awards annually renewable music scholarships that range up to half tuition. 


For Conservatory of Music (B.Mus. or B.A/B.Mus.) candidates only. Your eligibility for these scholarships will be determined on the quality of your audition along with your application qualifications (in other words, we look at the whole you - not everything falls to a single audition). Take a look at the conservatory's audition requirements and repertoires to get a sense of what we'll be evaluating.

Note: Since we evaluate all of our conservatory applicants for academic merit as well as musicianship and musical potential, some emerge as strong candidates for Academic Scholarships as well as Music Scholarships. If you turn out to be such a candidate, you will receive the higher award for which you qualify. (Academic Scholarships and Music Scholarships will not be stacked with each other.)

Application and Notification

Submit your completed Common Application or Lawrence application along with your supporting materials (including your music resume and music teacher evaluation) by Early Action deadline (Nov. 1) or the Regular Decision deadline (Jan. 15), and complete your audition by application timeline (EA=November 10, RD=end of February). If you receive a Music Scholarship, you will learn about it at the time you receive your admission decision. 

Music Education Scholarships

For Conservatory of Music (B.Mus. or B.A./B.Mus.) candidates only. If you are interested in a Music Education major and would like to be considered for a Music Education Scholarship, you must participate in one of our two Music Education workshops held in Appleton. Because these are also on-campus audition days, you can complete your audition while you're here. (You are, of course, free to choose a different day to complete your audition.) These scholarships are subject to the same application and notification guidelines listed above.

Composition Scholarships

For Conservatory of Music (BMus or BA/BMus) candidates only. Composition Scholarships are awarded on a limited and competitive basis to accomplished student composers who are planning to pursue the Bachelor of Music degree with an intended major in Theory/Composition. To apply, students must submit a hard-copy composition portfolio along with their application to Lawrence University.  This portfolio must include the following:

• Three musical scores; recordings of the submitted works are highly recommended, but not required.
• A statement of your compositional interests and goals.
• A list of compositions that includes completion dates and a list of public performances or readings.

Please note that incomplete portfolios (or portfolios received after November 1-EA applicants, January 15-RD applicants) will not be considered.

Piano Accompanying Fellowships

For Conservatory of Music (B.Mus. or B.A./B.Mus.) candidates only. The accompanying fellowship program at Lawrence provides a unique artistic and educational opportunity to highly gifted pianists. Each recipient is granted a one-year $5,000 fellowship, which is renewable each ensuing year based on satisfactory performance as an accompanist. The student pianist provides accompanying services 10 to 12 hours per week in ensembles and individual studios, receiving faculty coaching as needed on accompanying projects. At most institutions such fellowships are the province only of graduate students; at Lawrence the accompanying fellowships provide outstanding preparation for undergraduate pianists, whose futures will no doubt entail extensive work in the collaborative and ensemble arts.

Ensemble Awards

For non-conservatory students only. If you have strong musical talent but are not pursuing a degree with a major in music, you may audition for an Ensemble Award. These awards offer you the opportunity to study in a conservatory studio while waiving the cost of private lessons. In return, you must participate in one of our major ensembles. Awards are granted based on the audition and the availability of studio space. Audition repertoire requirements are the same as the requirements for students who plan to pursue a degree with a major in music. To be considered for an Ensemble Award, register for an audition and indicate your interest in an Ensemble Award.  You may only audition for an Ensemble Award during your application timeline; that is, you cannot audition for an Ensemble Award later in your time at Lawrence.