Lawrence is a place where students with multiple talents and diverse interests come together to form a learning community like no other. We strive to recognize your mosaic of talents and interests with a variety of scholarships and awards.

Academic Merit Scholarships

Every Lawrence applicant is reviewed for a merit scholarship that ranges up to half tuition. 

Students are considered for academic scholarships as part of our review of their application for admission. No additional steps are required. Students who receive an academic scholarship, will learn about it at the time they receive their admission decision.

How you are considered

Because Lawrence draws students from so many different schools—each with its own unique combination of course offerings, grading systems, and level of competition—you won't find one of those "X GPA + Y ACT/SAT = Z Scholarship" tables here.

We take a holistic approach, considering your:

  • Academic performance;
  • Strength of curriculum within the context of your school environment;
  • Class rank, if available. (And yes, we do consider the quality of the school and competitive nature of the student population);
  • Essay;
  • Standardized test results, if you choose to submit them. 

You are more than a test score

As a test-optional school ACT or SAT test scores are not required for admission or scholarship consideration.

Ted Cloak Century Scholarship (up to $5,000 per year)

The Ted Cloak Century Scholarship recognizes young theatre makers that who will fill the 21st Century with innovative, collaborative, clear, and nuanced productions that warm the hearts and challenge the minds of generations to come. This scholarship honors the legacy of joyful and serious theatre making in a liberal arts environment envisioned by Ted Cloak in 1930.

To be considered for a Ted Cloak Century Scholarship, applicants must complete either an on campus or self-recorded audition their senior year of high school.

Community Based Organization Scholarships (amounts vary)

Lawrence is proud to collaborate with a variety of organizations that focus on college preparation for students from under-represented populations. As part of these partnerships, we offer special scholarships to students who note in their application for admission that they have participated in these organizations.

Conservatory Scholarships

For Conservatory of Music (B.Mus., B.M.A., or B.A./B.Mus Double Degree) candidates only. Conservatory scholarships are renewable annually and range up to half tuition. Applicants are considered for Conservatory scholarships as part of our review of their completed application for admission. No additional steps are required. Students who receive a Conservatory scholarship, will learn about it at the time they receive their admission decision.

How you are considered 

Eligibility for Conservatory Scholarships will be determined on the quality of your audition along with your application qualifications. In other words, we look at the whole you - not everything falls to a single audition.

Note: Since we evaluate all of our conservatory applicants for academic merit as well as musicianship and musical potential, some emerge as strong candidates for both Merit and Conservatory Scholarships. If you turn out to be such a candidate, you will receive the higher award for which you qualify. 

Auditioning for the Conservatory?

Take a look at the conservatory's audition requirements and repertoires to get a sense of what we'll be evaluating.

Music Education Scholarship

Students interested in a Music Education major who would like to be considered for a Music Education Scholarship, must participate in one of our two Music Education workshops.

Composition Scholarships

Composition Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis to accomplished student composers who are planning to pursue the Bachelor of Music degree with an intended major in Theory/Composition.

Along with their admissions application, students must also submit a hard-copy composition portfolio, which includes:

  • Three musical scores; recordings of the submitted works are highly recommended, but not required.
  • A statement of your compositional interests and goals.
  • A list of compositions that includes completion dates and a list of public performances or readings.

Incomplete portfolios or portfolios received after deadlines (November 1 for Early Action applicants and January 15 for Regular Decision applications) will not be considered. 

Piano Accompanying Fellowships

The accompanying fellowship program at Lawrence provides a unique artistic and educational opportunity to highly gifted pianists.

Each recipient is granted a one-year $5,000 fellowship, which is renewable each ensuing year based on satisfactory performance as an accompanist. The student pianist provides accompanying services 10 to 12 hours per week in ensembles and individual studios, receiving faculty coaching as needed on accompanying projects.

Transfer Student Scholarships 

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society members and students who transfer from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh-Fox Cities are eligible for a $31,000 renewable scholarship. 

Additional Scholarships

Lawrence supports numerous scholarship opportunities beyond academic and conservatory awards. These scholarships are usually offered in conjunction with other programs and sponsors.

National Merit Scholarships ($2,000 per year)

National Merit Finalists who have designated Lawrence University as their first choice are eligible for this scholarship. National Merit Finalists who report Lawrence as their first choice by May 1st will be included in the group of students referred to Lawrence for National Merit Scholarship consideration.

This scholarship may be combined with other Lawrence Scholarships.

National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholarships (up to $2,000 per year)

If you have been identified by the National Hispanic Recognition Program, be sure to indicate that recognition on your application.

This scholarship may be combined with other Lawrence University scholarships.

Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarships ($2,250 per year)

Wisconsin students who are selected to receive the Wisconsin State Excellence Award will receive a state-sponsored scholarship of that will be matched by Lawrence.

This scholarship may be combined with other Lawrence scholarships.

Colleges That Change Lives Scholarship ($1,000 per year)

Lawrence is proud to be a member of the Colleges That Changes Lives consortium. Learn more about the consortium and how to apply for the scholarship. More about Colleges that Change Lives.

Are looking for more scholarship opportunities? Start your search here.