More Light! Scholarships (up to half tuition)

"Light! More Light!"

These words, found on the Lawrence University seal, are believed to be the last uttered by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the German writer and scientist (1749-1832). A generous interpretation of the phrase illustrates our belief that all Lawrentians, when they employ their talents to the fullest, can bring light—more light—to the world.

In the same spirit, More Light! Scholarships recognize Lawrence applicants who have employed their talents to the fullest to bring light to their communities through significant service or leadership (or both)—be it through individual initiative, school-based activities, and community-based or other organizations.


Eligibility for and amounts of More Light! scholarships will be determined by a careful reading of your application and supporting materials. If you have engaged in activities that you believe would make you a strong candidate for a More Light! scholarship, be sure to include them in your application, and feel free to draw our attention to them. (In other words, don't be shy when you're writing about your accomplishments.)

More Light! scholarships may be combined with Academic or Music Scholarships, or they may stand on their own.

Application and Notification

Submit your completed application by the appropriate deadline. If you receive a More Light! scholarship, you will learn about it at the time you receive your admission decision from us.