THAR Majors & Minors - 1st and 2nd year students

What you should know:

  • The Audition Workshop during Welcome Week is a great event to attend, even if you don’t plan on auditioning!  Join us for info and getting connected to colleagues interested in all aspects of theatre at LU.
  • Look for the Dept. of Theatre Arts Annual Interest Meeting (usually) on Monday of the first week of fall term classes.  We’ll cover what’s going on, how to get involved, and get you introduced to your fellow theatre makers and student organizations.  If you can’t attend this meeting, contact the Professor Kathy Privatt (or any other theatre professor) to get signed up on lists to work backstage and to be notified of theatre events.
  • Join the Facebook group: Lawrence University Department of Theatre Arts to stay current on “doings” of the department and updates with alums.
  • For questions about productions, auditions, class schedules, and off-campus programs contact Professor Timothy Troy (or any other theatre professor.)
  • For questions about stage crew assignments and scene shop activities contact our Technical Director, Aaron Sherkow. For costume shop questions contact our Costume Shop Supervisor, Karin Kopischke.

What classes and when?

  • If you think you want to major in theatre, start with Stagecraft, Costume Crafts and Technology, or Acting 1.
  • If you think you want to minor in theatre, start with Introduction to Theatre.  Please note, this course is not required for the major. Nevertheless, many majors take the course and benefit from it as a general survey of the discipline.
  • If you’re interested in performance, enroll in Movement for the Theatre in Winter or Spring term.   This is a 3 unit class that can be added to a regular schedule of classes. Another good option for students interested in performance is Movement & Text typically offered in Fall and Spring terms.
  • See THAR Major and Minor checklists below:

Theatre Arts Minor.pdf

Theatre Arts Major.pdf