Discover the multitude of opportunities to gain theatre experience through classes, student-initiated projects, and more. From designing (set, costume, and lighting), to directing and writing, there is support for all your theatrical interests.

Fred Gaines Student Playwriting Festival 

Three plays written during the playwriting class (offered every other year) will be chosen for Main Stage production. Chosen student playwrights will work with professional dramaturgs over the summer to ready their plays for the upcoming theatrical season.

Opera Scenes

In conjunction with the Conservatory, the Opera Scenes program provides performance practice for the singing actor. In the original languages, students prepare roles from opera scenes in a wide range of historical periods and theatrical styles. There are also opportunities for designers (costume and theatre tech) to work on Opera Scenes with faculty invitation.

Scene and Costume Shops

Work in the Scene Shop or Costume Shop! Be an integral part of the Main Stage season while putting your skills to use with paid-employment, and gain additional skills while you work.

Alexander Technique Classes 

Alexander Technique helps you move with more mechanical efficiency, quells performance anxiety, and aids new skill acquisition. It can help you become a more expressive performer by getting you out of unhelpful habits and to perform with less pain and more stamina. 

Classes & Workshops for Performers

Think of performers with an inclusive lens. Whether you're an actor, music student, athlete, or training to become a teacher or just someone who gives a lot of presentations, Alexander Technique can help you improve your performance. 

  • Introductory class for anyone (faculty, staff, students of any major, and athletes)
  • Second-level class that builds on first intro class
  • Workshops and private lessons available for anyone who's part of the Lawrence community

Start-up Theatre or Greyfell Theatre Company

Greyfell Theatre Company or the start-up theatre is an opportunity for students to understand the entrepreneurial and creative process of putting on a show. As part of your coursework (when offered), you will work on the entire process of putting on a show—from finding and booking a venue to creating and marketing a production. Examples of previous start-up theatre projects include:

  • Site specific performances
  • Residency with Wild Space Dance to develop pieces
  • Student-written plays
  • Performance of published works

Start-up Theatre

Three professors and twenty three students took to Bjorklunden. Their mission: launch an intensive student-run theatre company. And so, Greyfell Theatre Company was born.

Student-Initiated Projects

Have a burning desire to create a design piece or want to dip into directing? Work with faculty to put on a play or explore an aspect of the craft you're interested in. Previous projects have taken place in the Cloak Theatre, Warch Campus Center, Memorial Hall, Wriston Art Center Atrium, and other "found spaces." This is not required and can be in addition to your senior project. 

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