Pattern and form surround us—from the branching angles of our blood vessels and the complexity of computer algorithms to inventory scheduling and the four-dimensional geometry of our universe. As the pure expression of pattern and form, mathematics is the language of all science.

In the past 50 years, many disciplines—computer science, statistics, ecology and management science among them—have been virtually transformed by the infusion of mathematics. Alongside the traditional field of mathematical physics, one now finds new fields such as mathematical biology, mathematical economics, mathematical linguistics and mathematical psychology.

A mathematics major could lead to graduate study in any of these fields, as well as in areas in pure and applied mathematics. Moreover, students have found a major in mathematics, with its training in logic, analysis and precise expression, to be excellent preparation for careers in business, law or medicine.

To reflect the diversity of modern mathematics and its applications, the department, alone or in conjunction with the economics department, offers three separate majors:

  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics-computer science
  • Mathematics-economics 

Core courses provide all majors with a secure foundation for varied and challenging advanced coursework, including possible student-designed tutorials and, in the senior year, a term of independent study.

For non-majors, the department offers a number of elementary- and intermediate-level courses designed to meet the needs of students who require mathematics for further work in their discipline or who wish to satisfy a general education requirement.

In all its courses, from elementary to advanced, the department seeks the following:

  • An understanding of mathematical ideas
  • An appreciation for mathematical methods and styles
  • A sense of excitement at the power and diversity of modern mathematics and its applications 

For a full description of Lawrence’s computer facilities and for descriptions of the computer science courses visit the computer science website.

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