Blending the disciplines of statistics, data science, mathematics, and beyond, the expansive world of computer science comes to life at Lawrence through hands-on, innovative problem-solving. 

Learn a variety of programming languages like Java, C++, SQL, Python, R, and more. Experience collaborative programming and a deep and broad array of classes that will help you learn and adapt quickly in a rapidly-changing field. Independent study allows you to go even more deeply into your interests. The major culminates in the Senior Experience: an independent project designed, completed, and presented by each computer science major.

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Student Perspective

“The professors here encourage students to go to office hours for anything, even to talk about material that may not be related to the class.” 

Aparna Gajulapalli ’24 
Computer Science 
Palo Alto, California


Excellence in STEM | This is Lawrence

In a national ranking that measures the percentage of a school's STEM graduates who eventually earn a Ph.D., Lawrence comes in at No. 17.

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 Theory of Computation

A study of programming in the abstract, leading to an understanding of the precise nature and limitations of computing machines. Topics include universal computing machines such as Turing machines, decidable and undecidable predicates, regular and pushdown automata, and regular and context-free grammars.

Courses range from solidifying core principles to exploring emerging technologies.

From the practical to the theoretical, discover the requirements for the computer science major and minor.

Get to know the computer science faculty.

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In it to win it

Represent Lawrence as you compete in competitions like the Berkeley and Princeton Hackathons or the Association for Machine Learning competition to win research funding as well as bragging rights. Find hackathon opportunities and more with our Technology and Data Science Career Community.

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Code beyond the computer lab

Computer science students work with collaborative technology in classrooms, build hardware in Lawrence’s Makerspace, study game systems, and share research spaces with other programs.

The Chandler Senior Experience

As a computer science senior, you'll complete an independent project and present it to fellow seniors and your professors during the Computer Science Senior Seminar. 

Recent Senior Experience projects include:

  • Stock Price Movement Prediction with Qualitative Data
  • Building an Atari 2600 Emulator
  • Autotracking for The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
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Branching Paths

Where will your computer science journey take you? Students and faculty work closely together across different branches of the field providing opportunities to combine your computer science studies with work in mathematics or statistics and data science. 

Explore Mathematics
Explore Statistics and Data Science

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Computer Science Outcomes

Computer science students can be found pursuing graduate studies at top institutions and sharing their knowledge at top technology companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and more.

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