hoenigs The Lawrence London Centre is directed by Christine Hoenigs, a full-time Lawrence staff member based in London. In addition to administering the program, she teaches Introduction to London TheatreShakespeare in London, and the internship seminar. Christine began teaching for Lawrence in 2014 and became Resident Director of the program in 2016. 

Each year the London Centre hosts a visiting faculty member from the Appleton campus during fall term. The visiting faculty member from the Appleton campus during Fall Term 2019 is Martyn Smith from the Religious Studies department. Jeff Stannard, the Associate Dean of the Conservatory and Professor of Music, will be the visiting professor for the Fall of 2020.

London Centre Faculty

The remainder of the courses are taught by London-based faculty:

Terence Charlston (Perspectives on Genius: The Life & Musical Impact of BeethovenThe Grand Tour: Musical Taste and Manners in Europe: 1600-1750)

Christine HarrisChristine Harris Fosdal (British Crime Fiction , "The Fields Beneath": Discovering London's Histories)

Nicholas James (Urban Anthropology)

Ashley Scott LaytonAshley Scott-Layton (Fringe Theatre in London)

Kate ConnellyKate Connelly (British Life and Culture, Modern British Politics)