Estimated Student Expenses

For planning and comparison purposes, the Financial Aid Office estimate for one term on the Appleton campus during the 2018-19 academic year is $19,272 (including tuition, fees, room, and board).

The one term at the London Centre is as follows:

Fixed/Billed - 2018-19

LU Tuition $15,725
Program Fee* $1,724
International Insurance (estimate) $125
Total $17,574

* Program fee includes: housing, group theatre tickets, course field trips, most books and academic materials, student services and programming, and travel card for Tube and bus travel


Out of Pocket Estimates**

Airfare       $900
Meals    $1,300
Personal    $1,700
Student Visa (if needed)***      $500

** Please note that the out-of-pocket estimates are intended only as guidelines. They can vary greatly depending on individual spending habits, the amount of additional travel one chooses to pursue, and currency exchange rates.

*** Students participating in the Internship program will need to apply for a UK Tier 4 Student Visa. As of spring 2018, the application fee for this visa is approximately £350 - this roughly converts to about $500. Students will receive more information about applying for the visa but should know that they will be responsible for the visa and associated fees. Some students who have a passport from a country other than the US may need to apply in advance for UK Prior Entry Clearance. Students with a US passport who will be at the London Centre for only one term and will not be doing an internship (most students) will NOT need to apply for this visa.

Financial Aid

Lawrence allows students to apply their institutional and federal/state financial aid to study at the London Centre. Students with specific questions regarding how the cost of spending a term in London will affect their financial aid packages should set up an appointment to speak with a officer in the Office of Financial Aid in Brokaw Hall.  For more information on the Financial Aid policies, please see Financial Aid, Billing, Deposits and Refunds.

Scholarships Available!

Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships to further support their term in London.  Please see the Funding section of the Off-Campus Programs office website for information about study abroad scholarships and funding opportunities.  The London Centre Anniversary Scholarship and the Paul Family London Centre Scholarship are both available specifically to support participation in LU's London Centre program.  London Centre students are also considered for funds the Off-Campus Programs office administers to support study abroad for Humanities students, students from diverse backgrounds, first generation college students, and more.

Health Insurance Coverage

Every student participating in a Lawrence-sponsored or Lawrence-affiliated international off-campus program is required to carry the Lawrence University medical and evacuation insurance policy administered by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). The fee for this coverage (approximately $42 per month of coverage) is charged to the student's account along with the program fees. It is presumed that this coverage is in addition to whatever medical insurance coverage the student already holds and has thus been factored into the cost estimate for the coverage.

The insurance coverage starts three days before the program start date and extends seven days beyond the program end date, to allow time for travel to and from the program. As this coverage is valid only outside the United States, all students are strongly encouraged to maintain their health insurance coverage in the United States in the event of their unexpected return due to a medical emergency.

For more information on the insurance policy, please see International Health, Assistance and Evacuation Insurance.

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