Application Process

To seek admission to any term in the 2021-2022 London Centre program, a student must submit the London Centre application to the Off-Campus Programs office by the application deadline on March 14, 2021.  Students interested in applying after the deadline should contact the Director of Off-Campus Programs as soon as possible to see if a late application is possible.

Deposit & Registration

If accepted, a student must make a $300 non-refundable deposit to confirm participation in the program.  The $300 is credited to the Lawrence bill during the term the student is in London.  The deposit deadline is usually set 10 to 14 days from the date of notification of acceptance.

Students work with the Off-Campus Programs office to make arrangements for initially registering for London Centre courses.  Once a student's academic record has been adjusted to reflect their participation in the London Centre program, students are able to make course changes through their Voyager account.

Non-Lawrence Students

Lawrence is very happy to consider applications from non-Lawrence students. 

Non-Lawrence students applying for this program should contact the Director of Off-Campus Programs in advance of applying regarding small differences to their application procedure.

In the event that we receive more applications than the program will handle, applications from qualified Lawrence students will be given preference over non-Lawrence students.