Deadline for 2020-2021 Applications is February 24, 2020!

For nearly 50 years, Lawrence students have studied abroad with our London Centre program which has provided life-changing experiences. Participants engage the resources of London through experiential courses for a term, learn from the city, and continue making progress toward their Lawrence degree program(s). The London Centre continues to be Lawrence's most popular off-campus study program.

Scholarships Available!

Students are encouraged to meet with the Financial Aid office individually to review program costs and how their financial aid package will apply to a term studying at the London Centre.

Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships to further support their term in London.  Please see the Funding section of the Off-Campus Programs office website for information about study abroad scholarships and funding opportunities.  The London Centre Anniversary Scholarship and the Paul Family London Centre Scholarship are both available to specifically support participation in LU's London Centre program.  London Centre students are also considered for funds the Off-Campus Programs office administers to support Humanities students, students from diverse backgrounds, first generation college students, and more.

Fall 2020 Visiting Professor Jeffrey Stannard

Join us Fall 2020 as the Lawrence London Centre welcomes Professor Jeffrey Stannard, Associate Dean of the Conservatory and Professor of Music at Lawrence University. His two featured classes include:

Sounding London: Identity, Space, and PlaceProfessor Jeffrey Stannard photo

Internationally recognized as a cosmopolitan center of artistic activity due to its history and diversity, London offers unsurpassed opportunities to hear live music. For this course, students will attend a wide range of musical events, from traditional concerts to innovative - and perhaps even surprising - performances. Discussion will focus on how factors such as identity, space, and place affect the way we experience music.

Music and the Great War

In this course, students will look at the roles music played during the Great War and explore ways the conflict affected the creation and performance of music of all types, from the concert hall and the home front to the trenches. By looking back through the lens of the 21st century, we will consider how the music was originally created and experienced and how musical meaning and perception can change due to differing contexts and perspectives.

There are no pre-requisites for these courses.

London Centre 2020-2021 applications are due February 24, 2020.

Two Terms in London

We encourage students to study at the London Centre for two consecutive terms.  Spending two terms at the London Centre allows students greater immersion into and engagement with the range of opportunities in London.  And with our new financial aid policy, it has never been so easy and affordable to study abroad!

A second term will give you extra time for a more in-depth exploration of London and networking in your field of interest. In your second term, you will take "British Life and Culture II" (registered as an Independent Study UNIC 399) allowing more time to delve into the intricacies of British culture.  BLC  II students participate in an adjusted version of the core British Life and Culture course and work with the instructor in adapting your participation and assignments for the second term.  You will be included in some aspects of the course that all students take but you will explore an individualized area or project of your interest in your second term be it poetry, sports culture, literature, music, history, or other areas.  As BLC II is a different course, you will not duplicate material of BLC. 

Choosing to participate in our internship programme could allow you to connect with Londoners on a new level and gather professional experience working abroad - a real bonus on any graduate's resume, as employers highly value the experience of long-term study abroad in candidates.  Please note that an internship placement in one location may not be possible for two consecutive terms.  If an internship for two terms is of interest to you, please be in contact with the Off-Campus Programs Office. 

You might also consider possibilities for London to feature in your senior experience work.  You could develop your ideas during an Independent Study in London, conduct your own research project or gather ideas for your project while working closely with either your academic advisor in Appleton or London based faculty.

Participating in the program in winter and spring terms allows for the easiest transition and smoothest immigration path.  There are only a few days between winter and spring terms, which makes studying in London for these two consecutive terms a hassle-free experience - no need to move housing or spend money on an additional flight. Participating in the program in fall and winter terms is also possible but requires more coordinated planning and preparation.  In certain circumstances, we may need to limit fall/winter participation due to our annual allocation for immigration sponsorship required for fall/winter students.

Students interested in participating in the program for two consecutive terms should work with the Off-Campus Programs office while planning and applying to the program.

London Centre moves to Bloomsbury

LU's London Centre moved to the Bloomsbury area of London starting in Fall Term 2018!  Here's a preview of our new neighbourhood by Spring Term 2018 London Centre Vlogger, Kate.


Applications to participate in the London Centre program in 2020-21, are due February 24, 2020.

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