The London Centre

For nearly 50 years, Lawrence students have studied abroad with our London Centre program which has provided life-changing experiences. Participants engage the resources of London through experiential courses for a term, learn from the city, and continue making progress toward their Lawrence degree program(s). The London Centre continues to be Lawrence's most popular off-campus study program.

Scholarships Available!

We are happy to announce that London Centre program costs will drop for the second year in a row for 2018-19.  Students are encouraged to meet with the Financial Aid office individually to review program costs and how their financial aid package will apply to a term studying at the London Centre.

Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships to further support their term in London.  Please see the Funding section of the Off-Campus Programs office website for information about study abroad scholarships and funding opportunities.  The London Centre Anniversary Scholarship and the Paul Family London Centre Scholarship are both available to specifically support participation in LU's London Centre program.  London Centre students are also considered for funds the Off-Campus Programs office administers to support Humanities students, students from diverse backgrounds, first generation college students, and more.

London Centre moves to Bloomsbury

LU's London Centre is moving to the Bloomsbury area of London in 2018-19.  Here's a preview of our new neighbourhood by spring term London Centre Vlogger Kate.


Applications to participate in the London Centre program in 2019-20, are due April 5, 2019.


London Centre Vloggers

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