Why to support and promote long-term study abroad

  • Long-term study abroad provides high impact experiences that set your advisees apart after graduation by helping them craft an effective narrative for future success.  Developing intercultural competence provides students with skills of interest to employers and graduate programs:
  • Fosters real world application and context to knowledge learned on campus to provide their LU education with global exposure
  • Ability to tolerate ambiguity and be adaptable in unfamiliar circumstances
  • Independence and confidence in problem-solving
  • Open-mindedness, empathy, cultural self-awareness, and greater understanding of their own context of experiences
  • Experience with diversity beyond the boundaries of the campus or a US context
  • Study abroad participation has been a gateway to success in competitive awards such as the Watson and Fulbright
  • Benefits of long-term study abroad:
  • Study abroad challenges students more deeply to be taken from their comfort zone through deeper opportunities with experiential learning.  Students say they want the transformational benefits of this type of challenge but many need long-term exposure to different ways of life and the facilitated guidance of their program to process these differences.
  • Courses, credit, and grades from any affiliated program automatically apply to LU academic record and can often fulfill GERs.  Departments determine how credits apply toward departmental requirements. 
  • Many programs offer opportunities to tailor independent study, research, internship, or cultural practicum which can be coordinated with Appleton faculty to provide a venue for Senior Experience, honors project, or continuing independent study in situ.
  • Longer programs are often cheaper than shorter study tours, students are able to apply federal and institutional financial aid, and there are a range of national, program, and institutional funding sources to further supplement participation in long-term programming.  Lawrence financial aid and study abroad scholarships are available for programs of a term or longer. 
  • LU’s trimester calendar is advantageous for students considering studying abroad and offers flexibility for students with a number of academic, leadership, or athletic commitments.
  • National research shows that graduation and retention rates are higher amongst students who study abroad in long-term study abroad programs.

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