Start Planning Your 2021-2022 Off-Campus Program!

Where to begin:

  • Go to our Programs page to learn more about available off-campus programs. Search by destination or major.
  • Schedule a meeting with Off-Campus Programs staff to discuss interests. We are available via phone or video call.
  • Watch for details on our Off-Campus Programs Virtual Fair, which starts October 1.
  • E-mail with any questions you may have. We're happy to help!

Explore and Study the World!

Off-campus study provides a valuable opportunity to hone and extend the intellectual skills and capacity for civic and academic engagement associated with a Lawrence liberal arts education by placing students in educational settings that purposefully combine classroom and experiential learning. In such settings, students are challenged to apply and question what has been learned on the home campus and to evaluate alternate perspectives and ways of learning.

Off-campus study also provides a rich opportunity for personal growth as students gain independence and self-confidence through active engagement with social and cultural practices different than their own and/or through the experience of educational or research settings whose pedagogical approaches and curricular structures differ from those at Lawrence.

Look into Your Options

Students interested in off-campus study should make an appointment with the Off-Campus Programs office well in advance of the time they wish to pursue such study. These meetings help students establish academic goals, explore their off-campus options, and to discuss logistical issues such as timing of participation and the application process.

Students should also discuss their interest in studying off-campus with their faculty advisors.  Advisors can help students select a program matching their academic preparations and interests as well as consider ways the student may be able to integrate their off-campus study into their curriculum at Lawrence.

Students can also get information about their options when representatives from affiliated programs visit campus in fall and winter terms, informational meetings held about specific programs, or from students who have studied off-campus in the past.

It is a good idea to gather as much information about the program(s) as possible to get the fullest understanding of the options.  Consider beginning your search by checking out Initial Questions.

Off-Campus Programs Virtual Fair Ad Where will you go Fair Starts October 1 More details coming soon

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Congratulations Photo Contest Winners!

First Place:

Submitted by Samara Morris, Fall 2019 - IES Vienna Program

Gosauseen, Austria

Lake in Mountains Gosauseen Austria

Second Place:

Submitted by Justin Sankey, Winter 2020 - SEA Semester Program

From the foremast of the SSV Robert C. Seamans off the coast of New Zealand

Foremast View SSV Robert C. Seamans off coast New Zealand SEA Semester

Third Place:

Submitted by Claire Chandler, Fall 2019 - IES Salamanca, Spain Program

Sunset Camel Ride, Marrakech, Morocco

Sunset Camel Ride Marrakech Morocco