Application deadline for most 2021-2022 Off-Campus Programs is January 27,2021. London Centre and Senegal deadlines are March 1, 2021.

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C O V I D - 19  F A Q

What is the status of Winter/Spring 2021 Off-Campus Programs?

  • Senegal has been postponed until Spring 2022. All previously accepted applicants will be deferred to the new term. Additionally, the application has been re-opened for new applicants to apply; the deadline to apply is March 1, 2021.
  • At this point, London Centre Spring 2021 term has not been cancelled, but we are closely monitoring conditions in regards to the feasibility of travel. We will announce a decision once it has been made.
  • Students accepted to Affiliated Programs still running programs are able to continue their applications with those providers. Closely monitor program updates.

What are my options if my program is cancelled?

  • Unfortunately, very few programs are planning to run in Winter/Spring 2021. If your program has been cancelled, you can look at deferring your program to a later term or semester or consider a new program. Off-Campus Programs hopes more programs will run in following terms.

What should I do if I was counting on Winter/Spring 2021 Off-Campus Program to complete a specific academic requirement?

  • Please reach out to your faculty advisor to discuss alternatives to completing a specific academic requirement you were planning on completing abroad.

Will I get my deposit back if my program has been cancelled?

  • If you were supposed to go to London Centre or Senegal - Lawrence-run programs - all paid deposits will remain on your student account.
  • If you were supposed to travel on an Affiliated Program, check with your specific program provider regarding your deposit. So far, Lawrence’s program providers have been very flexible when it comes to student deposits.

Will I get a refund if my program has been cancelled?

  • Check with your specific program's policies regarding refunds during this time. For the London Centre, contact the Off-Campus Programs office directly by emailing

Are there any virtual off-campus program opportunities?

  • Some of the program providers we work with have developed virtual models. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to the Off-Campus Programs Office at We can help find an opportunity that fits your goals.  

How can I connect with the Off-Campus Programs Office?

What is Off-Campus Programs?

Off-campus study provides a valuable opportunity to hone and extend the intellectual skills and capacity for civic and academic engagement associated with a Lawrence liberal arts education by placing students in educational settings that purposefully combine classroom and experiential learning. In such settings, students are challenged to apply and question what has been learned on the home campus and to evaluate alternate perspectives and ways of learning.

Off-campus study also provides a rich opportunity for personal growth as students gain independence and self-confidence through active engagement with social and cultural practices different than their own and/or through the experience of educational or research settings whose pedagogical approaches and curricular structures differ from those at Lawrence.

How Do I Study Off-Campus?

Off-Campus Programs are open to any Lawrence University sophomore, junior, or senior in good academic and disciplinary standing. Applications are now being accepted for programs beginning Summer 2021 and continuing through Spring Term 2022. If you are interested in potentially studying off-campus, but don't know where to start, begin here:

Can I Study Off-Campus?

If you will be a Lawrence University sophomore, junior, or senior in good academic and disciplinary standing during the term you plan to study off-campus, then you can study off-campus. When you decide to study off-campus, or for how long, will depend on your particular major/minor, academic goals, and program you choose. Below are some steps you can take to help determine when to study off-campus and what program to pursue:

  • Meet with an Off-Campus Programs advisor - These meetings can help you establish academic goals, explore off-campus options, and discuss logistical issues such as timing of participation and the application process.
  • Meet with a Faculty Advisor - Advisors will help you select a program matching your academic preparations and interests as well as consider ways you may be able to integrate your off-campus study into your curriculum at Lawrence.
  • Domestic Programs - If you are considering traveling on a domestic program, please note that most of these programs have a faculty advisor on the LU campus. This is a great resource if you want to learn more about that program.
  • Meet with Financial Aid - As long as you choose to study off-campus on an affiliated program, any financial aid you receive at Lawrence will apply to your program costs. Meeting with Financial Aid will help you understand your particular situation. Please note that your financial aid package will not apply to Non-Affiliated programs (see next section) or summer programs.
  • Do some pre-application research on the impacts of studying off-campus. Our Thinking of Studying Off-Campus? link will help you get started. There you can learn about how to plan for your time off-campus, set goals, what you need to do at Lawrence, and what travel preparations you might need to make. Additionally, you will find links on initial questions to ask yourself, health and safety, identity and inclusion, as well as program considerations for specific majors.

After doing your initial research on how studying off-campus might impact you, it's time to research the programs.


What Is the Right Program for Me?

Broadly speaking, there are three types of programs that you can choose from as a potential off-campus program student.

  • Affiliated Programs - These are the majority of the programs you will find on our Programs page. Affiliated programs are simply programs that have been formally approved by Lawrence University faculty. Currently, we have over 50 programs in 30 countries, including eight in the United States. They are all listed on our programs page, either by location or interest. When you choose to go on an Affiliated Program, you can know that your credits will automatically transfer back to Lawrence (and, yes, have an impact on your GPA) AND that your financial aid will transfer to help with the costs of the program. Some notes about affiliated programs:
    • Most affiliated programs run on a semester schedule. For LU students hoping to study off-campus, that means that Fall Semester is usually the easiest option. If you opt for Spring Semester, you most likely will need to miss both Winter and Spring Terms on campus.
    • Some affiliated programs may not run every semester/term. If you are interested in a particular program, please check their schedule for options.
  • Lawrence-Administered Programs - London Centre and the Francophone Seminar in Dakar, Senegal, are the two off-campus programs that Lawrence currently runs itself. Both programs follow a term schedule, and thus fit seamlessly into the Lawrence calendar. London Centre runs Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms, with the option of doing two consecutive terms abroad during Winter and Spring Terms. Senegal runs every other Spring Term. Both programs send a cohort of Lawrence students each term, and any major can apply to either program. However, students must have completed French 202 or the equivalent to attend the Senegal program.
  • Non-Affiliated Programs - In rare cases, students may not find a program that meets their needs and may decide to pursue an outside program. Non-affiliated programs are any programs that are not listed on the Off-Campus Programs website, that you may have found either by doing your own research or having heard about it by word of mouth from a non-Lawrence student, for example. It is possible for you to study on a non-affiliated program, but you will need to petition to have the program approved, as well as to have any credits transferred back to Lawrence. Additionally, Financial Aid packages do not apply to non-affiliated programs.


I Think I Am Ready to Apply!

So, you've done all your research and you think you're ready to apply! That's great! At this point, we assume you have talked to the Off-Campus Programs office and discussed programs, met with your faculty advisor and figured out an academic plan for yourself and you know that your program will fit neatly into your Lawrence educational experience, AND that you have spoke to Financial Aid and understand the costs of the program. If you have taken these steps, then you are indeed ready to apply. Have you missed one of these steps? Or two? Or even all three? Well, no worries. You can still apply, but you may find you have questions later. If you do, contact Off-Campus Programs by emailing We're happy to help!

The application process begins by opening up an application for the program you want on our Off-Campus Programs Application System. There you will be asked to select the program you want to apply for AND the term/semester you want to apply for. Note: You may only apply for one program per any given term. If you select a Multi-Term program, then expect an email asking you to confirm which terms/semesters you plan to be off-campus. Once in the application, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Agree to and sign several waivers
  • Write an academic essay
  • Write a goals essay
  • Write up an academic plan
  • Request a recommendation from an academic recommender
  • A request for a recommendation from your faculty advisor will be automatically generated
  • Request your transcript
  • Request a language proficiency recommendation, if applicable

You do not need to complete these steps all at once, and you can ask an Off-Campus Programs advisor at any time if you have questions.


  • Applications for affiliated programs are due January 27, 2021.
    • Exceptions are Japan Study and Oxford University, whose applications are due November 20, 2020
  • London Centre and Senegal applications are due March 1, 2021.


I've Applied to Lawrence. Now What?

Once you have submitted your application to Off-Campus Programs, it will go into review. You can expect to hear a response on your application within a few weeks after the deadline. Upon acceptance into an off-campus program, you will then need to apply directly to your affiliated program. Their procedures and applications can be found on their respective websites, which are linked to from the individual Program pages on the Off-Campus Programs website. When you apply to the Affiliated Program Providers directly, there are a few things to consider:

  • The Off-Campus Programs office will not apply for you; you will need to apply directly.
  • Many of the materials the Program Provider asks for will mirror what Lawrence asked for in its application. While we will not share your essays and recommendation letters with the program provider, you may feel free to reuse your LU application material for the program provider application, if you deem it appropriate.
  • Off-Campus Programs WILL forward your official transcript to the program provider; you do not need to do that.
  • Off-Campus Programs will need to approve your off-campus study with the program providers. This looks different for each program, so please be aware that you may need to authorize this either digitally online or you may need to print a form and send it to our office.
  • Once accepted, you will most likely be asked to pay a deposit to hold your spot on the program. Deposits are the responsibility of the student directly and is the only bill that should come directly to you. All further program costs should be billed through your student account.
  • Start researching visa requirements. Note: your program provider will be the best source of information for you regarding your visa requirements.
  • Consider applying for a passport, as needed, as soon as you know you will be traveling abroad.

January 14 Info Session: Field Museum Semester and Newberry Library Seminar

Spend Fall Term 2021 living, studying, and interning in Chicago with two exciting opportunities from ACM: Field Museum Semester: Research in Natural History and Newberry Library Seminar in the Humanities.

To learn more about these programs, join us for a virtual info session on Thursday, January 14, at 4:30 p.m. Central Time. Professors Beth Zinsli (Newberry advisor) and Israel Del Toro (Field Museum advisor) will be presenting. ACM representatives and program alumni will also answer your questions.

For Zoom details, email

Reminder: The deadline for applying to these programs is January 27, 2021.

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