Hometown Pharmacy (formerly Consumer Prescription Center), located at 2310 West College Ave. (920-739-9232), partners with Landis Health Center to better serve students. Hometown is a full service pharmacy and delivers to campus Monday-Friday.

The Health Center encourages students to make a plan with their healthcare provider regarding prescription refills during the academic calendar. Students may need to schedule follow-up appointments over breaks if necessary. Providers can send prescriptions to Hometown Pharmacy to be delivered to campus, or students can transfer prescriptions by contacting the pharmacy. Contact Landis Health Center with any questions/concerns.

To transfer prescriptions, please contact Hometown Pharmacy at 920-739-9232. When you contact the pharmacy, please have your current pharmacy's name and phone number available, as well as your prescription number (RX#). Be sure to let them know that you are a Lawrence student and would like the medication delivered to campus. Students must also notify the Health Center to send the student's insurance information to the pharmacy. Please make sure that the Health Center has your most up-to-date health and prescription insurance cards.

Once established with Hometown Pharmacy, the student is responsible for calling in refills (check the medication bottle for the number of refills available). To refill a medication, call the pharmacy and provide your name, date of birth, and prescription number (RX#). This information is usually on the label of your medication. Be sure to tell the pharmacy that you are a Lawrence student and would like the medication delivered to campus. Hometown Pharmacy has a 24 hour/7day a week answering system so you may call in a refill at any hour. Refills must be called in by 11:00am for same day delivery. For help with new prescriptions, please feel free to contact the Health Center for assistance.

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