International Connections Student Profiles

Upper class students volunteering as International Connections serve as a mentor and resource to new incoming students from abroad and will be meeting new incoming students during Welcome Week and at the International Connection Dinner at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, September 16, 2020.  Learn more about the International Connections program here.

Barrah Kunaan '22 (Pakistan)

Welcome to Lawrence! My name is Barrah, I am a rising junior majoring in Global Studies and Spanish. My areas of interest are government and languages, last year I was the president of the Pan Asian Organization (PAO) and continue to be a member moving forward. Besides PAO, I am also involved in the KidsGive non-profit and some diversity organizations on campus. To any incoming freshman I would suggest not being shy about asking for help from Lawrence International or your professors, both are great resources to have on your side!

Bruno Sotelo '23 (Bolivia)

BrunoSWelcome Class of 2024! I hope you are all feeling as sure and satisfied with your decision as I was last year when I decided I would come to Lawrence. I'm sure you already know that there are a countless amount of people here, including me, that are willing to make your life easier and help you feel more at home as you transition from high school to college. I'm sure you will soon be overwhelmed as you dive in the possibilities of clubs and activities you can participate in at Lawerence. Personally, I'm the secretary for Building International Relationships and part of greek life as a member of Beta Theta Pi. I'm also an Economics major at the moment, planning to minor in Data Science, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Japanese. The opportunities in Lawrence are vast and I'm sure you will soon have filled plate with things to do on campus. My advice for you as you come in is to meet as many people as possible and reach out whenever you need help. I hope to see you all soon!

Ishita Agarwal '22 (India)

Hi, my name is Ishita. I am rising junior from Gurugram, India. I am a Biochemistry and Psychology major. Next year, I will be on a co-president for GlobeMed and a CA. Welcome to Lawrence! This is an amazing community of people and I am very excited to meet you and share my experiences with all of you.

Jamie Dong ’22 (China)

Hello, everyone! My name is Yuting Dong, you can call me Jamie. I am a rising junior double major in Film Studies & Studio Art. I come from China and live in California now. I love film, anime, doodle, cooking, and BTS. Spider-Man is my favorite superhero ever, he is the reason why I decide to come to U.S and study film!

Life in Lawrence is fun, I am involved in different ways in LU: I am the Art House’s Contact, Lawrence International Organization’s Vice President, Chinese Student Association’s Event Coordinator, and Film Club’s Publicity Manager.

I am so ready to see you all and help you as much as I can. In Lawrence, if you be braved and try new things out, you will find the beauty of the amazing things around. Congratulations to be a Lawrentian and welcome to LU family.

Kayci-Ann King '23 (Jamaica)

Hey everyone! My name is Kayci-Ann King (but you can just call me Kayci) and I'm a rising sophomore fromJamaica. I'm majoring in Biology right now so that I can become a veterinarian in the future! I'm also a member of People for Animal Welfare (PAW).

I'm so happy that you chose to join us here at Lawrence, and I can assure you that you'll have a great time during your time here! With there being so many seasonal events, student organizations, and amazing people, you'll never experience a dull moment. Although it is true that being away from home is a difficult experience, I'm still positive that you'll have a great time here, as everyone is very friendly and willing to help out if you're ever feeling down or out of place. If you ever need anything, I'm also here as a resource to help make your transition here go as smoothly as possible.

Welcome to Lawrence, new Lawrentians. I hope your first year will be something to remember!

Mai Namiki '22 (Japan)

Welcome to Lawrence! I'm Mai (the same pronunciation as "my"), and I am a rising junior from Tokyo, Japan. I am majoring in biology and neuroscience, and am planning to minor in anthropology. Currently I work as a teaching assistant and a tutor for Japanese class, and the president of Japanese Cultural Exchange Club and the treasurer of Korean Culture Club. I will also become a RLM next year for Art House, which is one of the quad house of Lawrence which was made last year.

My advice for freshmen is: don't hesitate to reach out for help, and try to be active! Lawrence is a very friendly community where there are many resources that can provide you with information and support. I didn't see all of these while I was a freshmen, so I hope you will make a great use of them. I am looking forward to seeing you all!

Michael Zhang '23 (China)

What’s up Class of 2024, welcome to Lawrence! My name is Michael Zhang, a rising sophomore major in Economics and minor in Theater Arts. I come from Shanghai, China, and I live in New York. I always live in a big city, so that’s why I chose Lawrence, which is located in a little town, Appleton. I felt glad to get away from the city and embrace the different cultures and inclusive environment here. Lawrence is a small school, and I believe you’ll love it. I joined the Chinese Students Association so that I can contribute some of my power to this beautiful community. Besides, I was a member of the Lunar New Year committee, so I can help to make Lawrence a more diverse place. Since it’s a small campus, you can do more than you imagined. All the happiness, challenges, and many other experiences are here and waiting for you. Good luck, young Lawrentains! Be the Lights!

Mudassir Farooq Zaeem ’21 (Pakistan)

Hello and welcome to Lawrence! My name is Mudassir Farooq Zaeem, and I am a rising senior from Lahore, Pakistan. I am majoring in Computer Science and double-minoring in Economics and Statistics & Data Science. On campus, I am a member of the Indoor Soccer Club, Baking and Cooking Club (BaCC), and I have served one year as a Community Advisor. I have been in the United States for about three years now, and I won't shy away from acknowledging that it has been a tricky transition for me. However, I have tried many different things over time to make it less tricky, and more interesting, for me. As a result, my time at Lawrence has been an awesome learning experience.

There are a ton of resources in our amazing community to help you along your journey, and I would love to talk to you about them. Believe me, you will have a lot of opportunities to engage in experiences that will allow you to grow not only as a college student but also as an individual of the society. I highly look forward to meeting you all!

Raian Rith '23 (Bangladesh)


Hello Freshmen!

Welcome to the world of freedom from your parents! My name is Raian and i am a rising sophomore from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am planning to major in Mathematics (Statistics) and Economics. Lawrence makes being active at campus very easy and ecstatic. I work for ISS, Mail Room, and Admissions. I am also a CA at Plantz Hall. I will be playing soccer for Lawrence this coming year. I also play Intramural Basketball and Soccer which is super fun. I am also a member of the Fraternity Beta Theta Pi.

When I was a freshman, I had no idea what to expect for the next four years of my life in this college. I was excited to finally start growing up and find my purpose, but I was also extremely scared about being in a whole new place with new students, new teachers, new food, and new classes; there were so many things being thrown at me at once. I know that you as well  may be stressing about entering a new environment; and that is why I am here to let you know that everything will be ok. After four years, you will leave this college knowing that you have matured into successful and happy human beings and I will be there to help you along your way to make memories to cherish for ever. So, Carpe Diem!

P.S. I am super extrovert and i will answer any (literally) questions you have.

Sandesh Joshi '23 (Nepal)

Welcome to Lawrence, Freshmen!!

I am Sandesh Joshi, an International Student from Kathmandu, Nepal. I'm a rising sophomore and I'm majoring in Computer Science and Economics with a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I'm also a member of Beta Theta Pi.

I was very apprehensive when I first came to Lawrence. I didn't know what to expect and where to start. I made some amazing friends and had a chance to interact with the best of what faculty and staff at Lawrence have to offer. I have had some of the best experiences here at Lawrence, everyone welcomes you with open arms. My advice to every one of you would be to go with the flow. You'll suffer hardships and you'll also experience bliss. Don't think about the hard times and look forward to new amazing things that Lawrence has to offer. I am a soccer fanatic and a huge fan of Arsenal. We could chill and watch Barclays Premier League or the Champions League. I also take part in intramural soccer and am planning to join the Lawrence Soccer team. I am always enthusiastic when it comes to learning new languages and I can cook. I look forward to seeing all of you. You can treat me as your friend and come to me if you have any doubts at all. I'll answer all your questions.

Subin Han ‘23 (South Korea/Chile)

Hey all! Welcome to Lawrence! My name is Subin and I’m a rising sophomore from South Korea. I am a Physics major with a slight interest in minoring in Computer Science. I am currently the Vice President for Korean Culture Club, a member of the Lunar New Year Committee, and will be a CA for the 2020 - 2021 year. I’m sure that coming to Lawrence is an exciting (and maybe slightly daunting) thing to do. Don’t worry, it’ll be great. As many others will encourage you to do, don’t hesitate to reach out and meet new people while pursuing your academic and extracurricular interests. Let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to getting to know you all!

Valeria Núñez ’22 (Ecuador)

Bienvenidos a Lawrence! My name is Valeria Núñez; my pronouns are she/her. I am a rising Junior, from Quito- Ecuador, double majoring in Gender Studies and Film Studies. I am involved in quite a few things around campus: I am co-president of LU Green Machine and a member of the Student Ambassador Program. Lawrence encourages students to be curious. During your time here, you will discover new interests and will have the chance to get involved most of them. So, be open to explore and do not be afraid to get involved! I look forward to meeting you all. See you next fall!

Wilson Chen ’22, China

Congratulations! Welcome to the LAWRENTIAN family. My name’s Wilson Chen and I’m from Xi’an, China. I’m a rising junior and double majoring in Biochemistry and Linguistics. My favorite thing about Lawrence is that Lawrence connects you with the world! You will be able to meet awesome people from different backgrounds here. You will also be able to enjoy the academics here which brings anything possible! For me, I majored in both natural science and humanities, and the combination works very well, bringing me a totally different view of life. I hope everyone will arrive here safely and enjoy your college life! Brilliance awaits!

Pathway Program Mentor

Celeste Reyes '21 (USA)


Hello everyone, and welcome to Lawrence! I’m Celeste from Chicago, and a rising senior. I’m currently pursuing a double-degree in Music Performance and Studio Art. I’m also one of the artists for the Lawrentian newspaper, so tune in to see my drawings! I absolutely love everything artsy. My hobbies include playing my clarinet, drawing, and practicing Japanese. I already speak English and Spanish, but I want to become more fluent in Japanese. It’s my dream to be able to live and work in Japan one day. I’m really interested in the culture. I am also extremely excited to be one of this year’s Waseda mentors! I love meeting new people, and I can’t wait to work with each and every one of you. I wish you all a lovely year at Lawrence!