Fall 2020 - International House Updates due to COVID-19

International House is committed to safety and security for our community.  As we plan for students to return to campus, here is what can be expected for Fall 2020:

International House Operations

The common gathering space (first floor) in International House, open on September 28, is available by reservation for individual use.  Updated capacity for each room has been posted and students are expected to follow the Lawrence Community Campus Pledge and all campus health and safety guidelines, while in the space.

International House Hours

Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. –  9 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday, 12 noon – 9 p.m.

International House Storage

Storage access is available by appointment.  Please contact leah.d.mcsorley@lawrence.edu to schedule your appointment.

Off-Campus Programs
  • Off-Campus Programs staff will be available for appointments via phone or video call.
  • Off-Campus Programming will be conducted virtually, stay tuned for further details.
  • Please reach out to offcampusprograms@lawrence.edu with any questions or to schedule a meeting with staff.
International Student Services (ISS) 
  • ISS staff will be available for routine advising appointments via Zoom.
  • Documents will be sent electronically and/or via campus mail.
  • International Student Orientation will be held virtually.
  • Friendship Family Program activities will be held virtually.
  • All other office-sponsored educational and social programming will be offered virtually when possible, and ISS will support student organizations considering other program formats, provided they follow institutional guidelines.

International House

Kitchen and gathering rooms
I-House has a great kitchen as well as dining room for everybody to enjoy!  For Fall 2020, the kitchen will be closed due to COVID-19.  The kitchen has almost every utensil you might need, as well as a nice stove for you to cook and bake everything you want. There’s mainly one very important rule when using I-House’s kitchen: to properly clean everything you use and put it back where it belongs. Cleaning the used dishes helps us to maintain a clean and safe environment for everybody.






International House also offers great places for people to gather and have a good time. This space can be used to hold weekly meetings, casual reunions, or even some studying. I-House offers a comfortable place for everybody to enjoy. There’s also a TV in the main living room that can be used to watch some educational or fun stuff!

The first floor of International House can be reserved through the Lawrence University reservation system.

Guidelines for the usage of the kitchen







• Be respectful of everything you use, other people want to have the same opportunity to use the kitchen.
• Wash, dry, and put away anything you use! Please wash things properly so that they stay in good shape.
• Any food and beverages stored in the fridge should have one of our two labels to let others know if they can grab it. Be clear if you’re sharing or not. Any food without a “Food to keep for myself” label is assumed to be for sharing. Also, if the food stays in the fridge for more than a week, and a special note was not made, then it’ll be thrown away.
• Please treat the microwave, stove, and oven with respect. Clean each of them after you’re done using it so it can be ready for others to use.
• Remember to leave the kitchen the same way or better than how you found it!

Guidelines for the gathering rooms
• Food is allowed in the living room, but everything should be cleaned after using it!
• If there’s a food spill in a couch you should clean as much as you can and make a note of it to any ISS staff.
• Remember to be mindful of other people who are also sharing the same space.
• It’s preferable that if your gathering involves food you go to the dining table, although the whole area is available.
• Remember to leave the area you were using the same way or better than how you found it!

Front Sitting Room:








Main Living Room:







Dining room: