During your time at Lawrence University, which faculty member made a positive impact on you? Whose voice of wisdom or encouragement do you still hear in your head? Which professor spent countless hours going over a presentation or an assignment with you? Who gave you advice that set you on your career path? If you had an opportunity to thank them and give them something in return, would you? Now you do!

This Teacher Appreciation Week we would like your help in honoring your favorite professors. Here are some ways you can join us in demonstrating your appreciation:

  • Share a message of gratitude or favorite memory that you had with a professor or faculty member by filling out the form below. We will compile the messages and share them with the honoree. For memorials, loved ones will be notified.
  • Make a gift in their honor or memory. Your gift helps ensure we can continue to support our world-class faculty so that future Lawrentians are impacted as positively as you were.
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Bart De Stasio

“Bart, you know how to teach, and you do it extremely well. You know exactly how to connect with students in a way that makes your classes fun and exemplary. Lawrence University is a gem of a school, and your light shines brilliantly at the heart of Lawrence.  Thank you for the dedication you put into making the Lawrence Difference a reality for every student that crosses your path.” –Chris Acy ʼ15

Bertrand Goldgar

“Underneath a sarcastic and pretend-curmudgeonly exterior lay a caring man and a good friend. He taught me so much about many things, between the first class I took with him and the end of our friendship/his life. He had, of course, a biting, wonderful, humongous sense of humor, but he was serious and firm when needed, in a way that engendered respect and never made me feel small. Only the best teachers possess that skill.” –Ann Robinson ʼ88

Brigetta Miller

“Professor Millerʼs enthusiasm for music education is contagious to all who have had the privilege of taking her classes. As a band director, I strive to bring joy into every lesson, to reach every student on an individual and meaningful level, and to create curriculum based on standards and assessments—all things that I learned in Professor Millerʼs classes. She continues to “light the fire” for all of her students. Lawrence is lucky to have her, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to study with her.” –Katherine Jubert ʼ12

Eilene Hoft-March

"I loved the French classes that Eilene taught. I realized, as I traveled more in France, that her accent is nearly perfect, and I am so fortunate to have her voice in my ears. She challenged us with demanding literature, but always provided support to help us though. I became a much better reader and writer in French because of her.” –Rebecca Whelan '96


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