Find a community of folks who are available when you need us. We’ve gathered frequently requested resources for when life happens.

Loss and Death

Learning to live life after loss is a normal part of the human experience. Loss happens in many ways: it can be a change in health, the loss of a dream, a move from home to college, a choice to let go of something so that you can focus more deeply in another area, or the death of a loved one.

While it is deeply personal, it does not need to be a solitary experience. The skills and perspectives that we develop while moving through loss are strongest when the process includes others. 

Relationships and Conversations

“I love humanity, it's people I can’t stand.” is a quote that can be all too true at times when we run up against our differences or find ourselves in an intractable conflict. The world’s wisdom traditions offer many tools for engaging difference, finding commonality, overcoming fear, and building life-long connections.

College is a great time to work on creating your own communication tool kit. We have resources and programs available.

Individual Counseling

We are available to talk with you individually. Some of us are confidential resources, which means that unless there is apparent danger to you or others, the conversation can remain confidential. 

Mediated Conversations

We are here to support you as you navigate relationships with others. Sometimes it helps to have a neutral listener who can advocate for the relationship rather than a particular point of view.

We can provide mediated conversations that are structured to help everyone listen well, communicate clearly, and find a way forward where everyone wins.


First Year Dialogues

First year dialogues meet you where you live, really. Make plans to join peers within your residential setting to build your communications tool kit. These are facilitated to create brave and safe spaces for a diverse group of Lawrence students.

Dietary and Dining Support

We work closely with students and our dining services provider to help you follow important religious dietary observances. Our goal is to support you as you navigate multiple commitments and learn to make ethical decisions in this new environment.

If you are looking for support with dietary exemptions or dining support based on your religious practices, please contact us directly. 

Questions or want more information?

Connect with the Office of Spiritual & Religious Life via our web form for general questions.