Religious traditions are part of many intersectional identities. You are invited to share your important practices and worthy questions with peers and mentors.

We can help you navigate your connection to your spiritual and religious traditions and support you as you live your practices at Lawrence.

Students celebrating Diwali
Students celebrating Diwali

Religious life

The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life is here to support the practice of your religious traditions and aid in integrating those traditions into your campus life. For example, we can facilitate conversations with faculty around your practices, assist in obtaining any spaces or items needed to practice your tradition, and connect you to additional supports in the larger Fox Cities community. As you grow and change during your time at Lawrence, we are here to encourage you in your spiritual thinking.

Religious Observances Calendar

Most Lawrence faculty are happy to work with students when obligations for religious observance would necessitate an absence or conflict with a scheduled exam. The Associate Dean is available to support you and your faculty member as you navigate these conversations.