Lawrence University partners with Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan to host students for one academic year on the Lawrence campus. 

Four students sitting around Lawrence University sign making the letters LU with their hands.

About the CL-S Program

The CS-L program provides you an opportunity improve English proficiency while pursuing academic study in your areas of interest. The program strives to welcome you into the University community by providing a well-rounded support system and structure. 

As a student at Lawrence, you will receive the following:

Academic Support

  • English language development program that includes required and elective courses
  • Supported transition to degree-level courses
  • Experienced tutors for English speaking, writing, and course-specific support
  • 1x1 academic advising 

Cultural Learning and Experience Support

  • Upper-class mentors for navigating social and extracurricular opportunities. (There are 22 varsity athletic teams and over 150 student organizations and clubs!)
  • Cultural programming to learn about American society
  • Full immersion in beautiful residential campus, including an English-speaking roommate in one of seven residence halls
  • Extensive volunteer opportunities on campus and in the surrounding community
  • Access to a program director dedicated to helping you maximize your goals

English Language Development Program

Learn more about the specially designed English Language Development Program you'll be enrolled in at Lawrence University.


If you have questions about Waseda’s CS-L program at Lawrence University, please contact:
Cecile Despres-Berry
Director of ESL and Waseda

Waseda CS-L Alumnae Testimonials

  • "Lawrence helped me a lot in terms of business, communication with foreigners, and job hunting. I work at an investment bank in Japan. Sometimes, I have to read English articles to analyze global financial markets. Thanks to Lawrence, I don’t hesitate to read such complicated articles."
  • "I graduated from university last March and have been a businessman at chemical company since last April. Through studying abroad, I can think about things from a variety of angles and accept diversity better than before. More importantly, my days at Lawrence gave me confidence. There were many chances to try new things and I believe in myself more than before. I still keep in touch with friendship family and some friends. My relationship with them is priceless!!"
  • "Lawrence life feels like it was just yesterday. It was a great time in my life, and I learned so many things. Especially the improvement of English skills has helped me. For working, insurance policy for trade is always written in English, so I usually have to read and write English sentences, but it doesn't bother me because I studied English at Lawrence. I also met people from lots of countries at Lawrence and encountered a variety of new values. Thanks to that, now I can accept all kinds of values and build a good relationship with many people."