Curious about what a year of coursework in the Waseda CS-L or Pathway Program looks like? Check out a sample course schedule below.

Fall Term

Focused on intensive English Language Development

  • ESL: English in the American University
  • ESL: Experiential Language Learning
  • Learning in the Liberal Arts
  • Introduction to American Society I (meets once per week)

Winter Term

Bridging Language and Degree-focused Study

  • ESL:  Advanced Communicative English
  • Supported elective course: chose from popular introductory-level courses
  • Elective course: chose from a course that meets your major requirements, general education requirements, or another area of interest
  • Introduction to American Society II (meets once every two weeks)

Spring Term

Individualized Study

  • Optional ESL Course in Advanced Speaking and Listening (pronunciation focus)
  • Two to three elective courses
  • Introduction to American Society III (meets once every two weeks)

Learn more about ESL courses!

Read the course descriptions to learn more about program courses. Look for ESL in the course title!