Have a question?  We have the FAQs! 😊

If you have a question not answered here, come see us in the Con Office (we're nice, we promise!), or email us at conservatory@lawrence.edu.

How (and Why) Do I Get a Piano Key?

Any time you reserve a large rehearsal space (Harper Hall, Chapel, or Jazz Room) you will also need to check out a piano key if you intend to use the piano, as the grand pianos in these rooms are kept locked. You can check out a piano key from the Con Office during open hours by requesting one at the window from the student worker or the staff. You can check out piano keys for a period of 24 hours in case your rehearsal takes places when the Con Office is closed.  Keys may be returned to the Con Office window or to the key drop beneath the Con faculty mailboxes.

How Do I See the Physical Therapist?

Seeing the PT on campus is free. You can sign up for a time to see the PT in advance by putting your name on their schedule at the Con Office. The PT comes on Mondays and Wednesdays alternating by the week (ex. Week 1 here on Monday, week 2 here on Wednesday, etc). You can sign up for multiple weeks if needed and your studio teacher is required to let you leave studio class in order to see the PT. Only sign up for one time slot per week, if there is no one else and the PT thinks additional time would be beneficial they will ask if you can stay longer.

When and Why Should I Fill Out a Repertoire Report?

Repertoire Reports are not required, but they can be very useful tools if you think you may apply to graduate school. If you fill out a Repertoire Report at the end of every term to record what you studied over the course of the term and then submit the report to the Con Office, at the end of your time at Lawrence you’ll have a complete record of what you’ve done stored for you in your file, which gets kept for several years after you graduate. So even if you decide five years down the road that you want to go back to school, you can always come back to Lawrence and ask to see your repertoire reports!

How Do I Get a School Instrument?

If you need another instrument for an ensemble;  are studying Music ed and are interested in working on a secondary instrument;  or perhaps you’ve simply always loved the clarinet and want to try it and your clarinetist friend has said they’ll teach you, you can check out a school instrument with faculty approval. The first step is filling out the instrument loan form, at which point you agree that you take responsibility for the instrument while it’s in your care. When you submit it, it goes to the faculty you listed to approve your loan (generally your studio professor or the professor who teaches the instrument you’re interested in).  Once it’s approved you’ll get an email from the Con Office saying that you can come pick up the instrument! Easy as that. Don’t forget that school instruments need to be returned or renewed each year, and that if you have an instrument longer than a year you become responsible for its maintenance costs.

How Do I Get My School Instrument Repaired?

Depending on what happened, either the school will repair it or you will be responsible for repairing it. Lawrence covers the cost of all general maintenance for school instruments through the first year of an instrument loan. If you continue to use the instrument exclusively after that point you become responsible for general care and maintenance. If the damage occurred because of negligence on your part then the repair would be your responsibility to cover regardless of when it takes place during the instrument loan. If the financial cost of repairs is an issue please speak with the Con Office about possible solutions.

How Do I Make an Academic Petition?

If you need to file for a petition related to your Conservatory classwork, simply download the form from the Con Office SharePoint, fill out the top portion with all the relevant information, get the required signatures and drop it off at the Con Office. We’ll take it from there!

How Do I Make an Appointment to See Dean Pertl and/or Dr. Mast?

Ask to speak with or email Rosie Cannizzo and she can help you schedule a meeting with one of the deans.

Where is the Lost and Found?

There are several places lost items go. If anything valuable is lost in the Con it is generally brought up to the Con Office (think: cell phone, wireless earbuds, wallets, etc). When we get IDs or wallets we email their owner right away. Lost music/paper usually ends up at the paper lost and found by the vending machines in the lower lobby. All the other lost items (water bottles, rosin, coats, etc.) are brought to the lost and found underneath the Chapel. Walk down the percussion hallway towards the elevator, turn left and immediately right, walk to the end of that hallway (between the lockers) and go up the stairs and through the doors, you’ll see a few bass lockers and the lost and found is on the shelving farther into that larger room ahead of you.

For What Events Can I Reserve Harper Hall?

Harper Hall is reserved first and foremost for recitals and recital preparations. In Fall and Winter Terms there is generally more available time for other reservations (large chamber groups, recordings, etc.). In Spring Term, typically only recital reservations will be approved.

How Do Locker Assignments Work?

All music majors (BM, BA/BM, BMA, BA in Music) will be assigned a locker that will be theirs for the duration of their time at Lawrence. Students who receive the Ensemble Award will also be assigned a locker. Students who are non-majors but who play in an ensemble or take lessons may ask for a locker on a first come, first served basis. These will be assigned for the year only and must be cleaned out at the end of the school year before the student departs for the summer. If your situation changes during the school year, or you are a non-major who wishes to keep the locker over the summer you should speak with the Con Office about that possibility. If your locker lock breaks bring the broken lock to the Con Office and we will get you a replacement!

Can I Make Copies in the Con Office?

If your studio professor sends you to make copies in the Con Office, then yes you may. Otherwise, no, we ask that you use the copier in the Con Computer Lab. There is too much demand on the Con Office copier for us to be able to accommodate student copy requests.

What Do I Do if the Printer/Computers in the Lab Aren’t Working?

If there are technical issues in the computer lab please call the Technology Services Helpdesk (920-832-6570) to make sure they know about the issue. The Con Office unfortunately cannot help with the computer lab equipment at all, and we’ll likely only ask whether or not you’ve called the Helpdesk. 😊

Do You Have Band-Aids?

Yes! As well as other first aid supplies.

Where/How Can I Get Earplugs?

We have two types of earplugs at the Con Office: disposable foam earplugs which are free, and reusable musicians' earplugs which are $10. Simply ask at the front desk for the type you would like. The reusable earplugs can be charged to your student account or paid for in cash.

Where/How Can I Borrow Cold or Hot Packs?

Cold packs are kept in a freezer by the vending machines in the lower lobby. They are freely available for students to use. Hot packs are kept in the kitchenette near the Harper lobby, where there is also a microwave you can use to heat them. Please be mindful and kind to your fellow students by promptly returning the cold/hot packs when you are finished using them.

How Do I Get a Recital Date?

Head over to the Con Office SharePoint site for the full explanation!

The short version is that sign-ups happen during the end of Spring Term, for the following Fall Term recital dates, and during 4th week of Fall Term for Winter and Spring Term recital dates. More information and available dates are posted as those times get closer.