At the Lawrence Conservatory you are a whole person, not just a performance robot. That's why we have such a wide array of wellness offerings free or at minimal cost to our students. We want to see you succeed in all your endeavors, and we strive to provide you with the resources you need in order to do so. 


Wellness Offerings in the Conservatory

Physical Therapist

A physical therapist comes to the Conservatory every week on alternating Mondays and Wednesdays during studio hour to maximize student access. Slots are 15 minutes and you can see them as many times as needed during a term. Seeing the physical therapist is completely free and the signup sheet is in the Conservatory Office.


Earplugs are available at the Con Office during regular office hours. We offer students two varieties to choose from depending on their needs.

  1. Disposable foam earplugs which block ~20db of sound and are available free of charge.
  2. Reusable plastic musicians earplugs ($10/pair billed to your student account) designed to equally dampen ~10db of sound across the sound spectrum to keep music sounding as similar as possible to if you were not wearing earplugs.

Hearing Exams

We have an audiologist come to campus once a year to provide free hearing tests to students so they can monitor their hearing across the course of their studies and track any damage early on to best mitigate further loss.

Alexander Technique – Lessons and Classes

We are very lucky to have a certified Alexander Technique teacher on the faculty at Lawrence. Professor Kathy Privatt offers two free lessons to any students, faculty or staff who are interested, and she also offers two separate Alexander Technique classes each year, an introductory course and a course that is specifically designed for performers. You do not have to take the courses in order to take the two lessons, but you may be inspired to do so!

Pop-up Wellness Day and Chair Massage

Once a term there will be a pop-up wellness table set up with free snacks and water as well as a professional massage therapist who offers free 10-minute chair massages on a first come first served basis.

Mind Spa

There are Mind Spas throughout campus, and we have one in the practice room area. The Conservatory Mind Spa features an automated massage chair, a small water fountain, two meditation cushions, and an aromatherapy water diffuser. Students can check out the key to use the mind spa from the Con Office during regular open hours.

Cold and Hot Packs

Cold and hot packs are available in the Conservatory free for students to use to help alleviate acute injury symptoms. Cold packs are located in the freezer by the vending machine and hot packs are in the small kitchenette across from the Box Office.

Con Couches

Couches may not seem like a wellness feature, but once you come to the Conservatory you know how integral it is to the Conservatory student experience. You'll always find a friendly face on the couch de-stressing, taking a practice break, doing music study, or simply taking a few minutes between classes.

Additional Wellness Offerings Across Campus

Personal Training

Lawrence partners with personal training certification programs in order to provide personal training for students faculty and staff. You work with the trainer one on one for the duration of the program, and they help you to meet your fitness goals. This is available on a first come first served basis until the personal trainer's schedule is full. For more information contact Erin Buenzli in the Wellness Center.

WelLU Massages

Lawrence offers one subsidized hour-long table massage per term to students faculty and staff. This is available on a first come first served basis, to sign up email Erin Buenzli. The massages are provided my licensed massage therapists either through a partnership with the YMCA or by contracted therapists who come to campus. When you sign up you may choose the option which works best for your schedule.

Counseling Services

Lawrence offers free counseling services to students during their time at the university. Students may sign up for this by going to the Wellness Center, or can find more information on the Wellness Center Counseling webpage.