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Relaxation & De-Stress

Fitness & Physical Wellbeing


Mind Spa

A quiet space provided for the community to recover, refocus and rejuvenate. Benefits: improved focus, reduced pain and stiffness, increased relaxation, enhanced sleep, greater awareness. calmness. and overall sense of well being.

Mind spas also available at Hiett, Sage, Plantz, and the Conservatory.


Biofeedback teaches you the skill to use your thoughts and breathing to better regulate stress response. This can help with stress recovery and/or improving your peak physical performance. 

Biofeedback is simply a tool in which you can receive immediate visual feedback about what your biological systems are doing. For example, our software can show you what your heart is doing and how basic changes in your breathing can influence your heart beat

Studies show that a specific heart rate pattern correlates highly with a relaxed state. At the Health and Wellness Center, we can teach you how to physically ‘put the breaks’ on your stress and achieve this desired sense of calm.

How does Biofeedback work?

Biofeedback uses equipment to monitor physical states. It provides visual information to help you learn about the mind/body connection.

All systems in the body (thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and physical body) are connected, almost like on a rubber band. If we can make a change in any one system, we can influence the other systems. With increased balance among the systems, performance levels and positive emotions increase.

What do I do during Biofeedback?

In the Mind/Body Clinic, you can experiment with different coping strategies and develop an individualized approach for managing stress based on the visual feedback provided by the biofeedback programs. The programs use finger sensors to assess stress levels in your body by measuring your heart rate and small electrical changes in your fingertips. As you improve your ability to control your physical state, you can test out your skills in various video games.

In the Health and Wellness Center we use the EmWave© system, which is an easy to use computer program that teaches you to self-regulate your arousal and attention by focusing on heart rate variability. For more information on this specific system, please visit the following website: http://www.heartmath.org/

What can Biofeedback help with?

Biofeedback can be used to help with a variety of conditions, including (but not limited to):

  • General Stress & Worry
  • Test & Performance Anxiety
  • Sleep Problems due to Stress
  • Performance Enhancement and stress response control

What can I expect at my appointment?

Initial appointments are 30 minutes and facilitated with a certified biofeedback trainer. Additional appointments are set up on an as needed basis. You will learn how to control your heart rate using different tools and be shown your progress using a number of different interactive games.

Make an appointment:
Contact Erin Buenzli at erin.buenzli@lawrence.edu

Björklunden Unplugged Feb. 10-12th 2023

Looking to reflect on your relationship with technology, or just connect with others without it for a few hours? Be part of LU Unplugged and join in different activities organized to get you engaging with others face to face and away from technology for an afternoon. NO need to register ahead of time to participate, although some events are limited by space so show up early!

Sign up by contacting spiritutal and religious life.  

Pet Therapy Thursdays 5-6pm - Campus Center

Spend time with Breeze, our service dog, to de-stress from classwork and finals.

Breeze, LU Therapy dog
Breeze is a registered therapy dog that likes to visit Lawrence students. Make sure you stop by for some de-stress and play time!


WELLU Massages

WELLU is pleased to offer subsidized full-body therapeutic massage services. Due to the popularity of this service, students and employees are limited to one massage per term.

Time: 50 minutes sessions

  • Cost: $30 YMCA and $30 on campus
  • Location: YMCA and Wellness Center on campus
  • Schedule an appointment: Contact Erin Buenzli at erin.buenzli@lawrence.edu or call 920-832-7190
  • Sign up dates: You may begin signing up September 11th for fall term, January 4th for winter term, and March 25th for spring term.


YMCA Massages

The Lawrence community is eligible for massages at the YMCA at member prices. There is no limit to this service.

YMCA membership not needed. Mention you are a Lawrence student, staff or faculty when scheduling the appointment. 


Meet 1 on 1 with Kate Harrell, registered dietician, to discuss your personal nutrition goals and strategies. Open to students and employees.

Healthy Viking Program

Free personal training is available through the wellness center.  Our experienced Personal Training intern will create a customized program, just for you! We are here to keep you accountable and help you reach your fitness goals. 

Contact Erin Buenzli to sign up.

Athletic Training Appointments

Have an injury and need an evaluation or rehab or need advice on how to improve strength or stability?

E-mail Erin Buenzli MS, ATC for an appointment.

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Contact Wellness Services for questions regarding initiatives & programs.
Phone: (920) 832-6574
Email: wellnessservices@lawrence.edu