The Mudd Library contains a variety of spaces for group study & individual study, media viewing & listening, and for creating & learning so you can succeed. The second floor of the Mudd is home to the Center for Academic Success and Technology Services and even more study space.

A library viewing room, which includes a dry erase board, table, two chairs, a large monitor, DVD/Blu-Ray player, and VCR
First floor viewing/study room
Group of students sitting at a table in the library looking at papers from the university archives.
Group study on the first floor


Study Spaces

Group Study & Study Rooms

  • The first floor is the group study floor (the loudest floor).
  • The second floor is also designated as a group study floor, but at a quieter volume than the first floor.
  • One group study room is located on the third floor that contains a computer and large screen monitor, chalk board, and dry erase board.
    • It can be accessed with a Lawrence ID card and can be reserved by signing up on the clipboard located on the door.
  • Four viewing & study rooms are located on the first floor. 
    • Students who need to use the rooms for viewing get priority of use.
    • The rooms can be accessed with a Lawrence ID card and can be reserved for two and a half hour sessions by signing up on the clipboard located on the door of each room. In addition to DVD/Blu-ray players and VCRs, these rooms contain connections to allow the option of connecting a laptop to practice presentations.
  • The area near the large monitor on the wall located on the first floor near the listening stations can be used for group study and can be connected to a laptop, or used with the connected desktop computer or Apple TV device.
  • Three study rooms for 1 to 2 students at a time are available on the second floor.
    • These rooms can be reserved for up to 3 hours at a time and can be reserved by signing up on the clipboard located on the door of each room. These doors should always be unlocked and do no require a student ID to enter.

Quiet Study

  • The third floor is designated for quiet study.
  • The fourth floor is designated for silent study, including the Kruse Room- which is designated for silent study or reflection.
  • Student offices on the fourth floor may be requested for use for an entire term by submitting a student office request form. Keep in mind that there are not always enough offices to fulfill every request.

Listening and Viewing in the Library

Viewing Rooms

Four viewing rooms are available for Lawrence University students, faculty, and staff by ID card access. The rooms are are equipped with multi-region Blu-Ray/DVD players, VCRs, monitors, and VGA/HDMI wall plates. Room 132 includes a multi-region VCR.

Viewing rooms may be reserved in-person by signing up on the weekly schedule that is posted on each door every Monday. You may sign up for only one two and one-half hour session at a time. While these rooms may be used for independent study, academic viewing and listening take priority.

Listening and Viewing Stations

Listening Stations are available on a first-come first-served basis. Equipment includes turntables, cassette decks, CD players, headphones, and computers.  An additional single individual DVD viewing station is also available in the listening station area, as well as a large wall-mounted monitor that can be used with a computer, Apple TV, or HDMI connection.

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Two students standing at a table in the Milwaukee-Downer Room looking at a piece of paper.

Reserve a Space in the Library

  • The 4th floor classroom (room 401) is available only for administrative or academic functions, with classes getting priority. Student study groups may be allowed when there is a library staff person on duty and there are no previous reservations on the room.
  • The Milwaukee-Downer (pictured) and Lincoln Rooms are available for academic or administrative functions on an occasional (i.e., not regularly-scheduled) basis. If these two areas are not otherwise in use, they are available for individual or group study on a first-come first-served basis.
  • The ITC computer lab on the second floor can be reserved for occasional group instructional purposes.

The campus makerspace for engaged learning is located on the first floor of the library.

Looking for the Kruse, Milwaukee-Downer, and Lincoln Rooms? See our Special Collections page.

The Lawrence University Archives holds the records of Lawrence and Milwaukee-Downer history. 

Computer lab with individual computing desks, view from the back of the room.

Computers in the Library

  • The ITC computer lab (pictured) is located on the second floor near the technology services helpdesk. This space includes 17 login computers and is open for use when not otherwise reserved.
  • Computers with Finale and MIDI keyboards are located on the 3rd & 4th floors, in the far left corner of the building from the elevator.
  • Wireless Internet access is available throughout the building and in the plaza in front of the library. Access requires a login with LU credentials. Many tables on the first floor include ethernet ports if you need a wired connection.
  • The first floor computers near the reference desk and printer do not require a login, and are available for searching the library catalog, doing research, or accessing Lawrence email. See the computer use policy for more details. Login computers are available throughout the library.