Students Studying The Seeley G. Mudd Library is a space for students, faculty, and staff to come together – with each other, with ideas, with the tools and resources for scholarship – to discuss, to learn, to create new knowledge.

Places to Study and Work

The Mudd Library contains all kinds of spaces for group study & individual study, as well as resources and equipment to help you succeed.

If you'd like to see photos of these spaces, take a look at our Spaces in the Library Album in Flickr, or take a look at the maps and the library virtual tour guide. Study hard!

Group Study
  • The first floor is the group study floor (the loudest floor).
  • The second floor is also designated as a group study floor, but at a quieter volume than the first floor.
  • One group study room is located on the third floor which contains a computer and large screen monitor. It can be accessed with a Lawrence ID card and can be reserved by signing up on the clipboard located on the door.
  • Four viewing & study rooms are located on the first floor. They can be accessed with a Lawrence ID card and can be reserved for two and a half hour sessions by signing up on the clipboard located on the door of each room. In addition to DVD/Blu-ray players and VCRs, these rooms contain connections to allow the option of connecting a laptop to practice presentations.
Quiet Study
  • The third floor is designated for quiet study.
  • The fourth floor is designated for silent study, including the Kruse Room- which is designated for silent study or reflection.
Student Offices

Nine student offices (six on fourth floor and three on second floor) are assigned to students on a term-by-term basis. Preference is given to seniors working on honors projects, students whose research depends heavily on library materials, and those who require accommodations. If you are interested in applying for an office, submit the Student Office Request Form.

Reservable Spaces
  • The classroom on the fourth floor (room 401), the ITC computer lab (204) on the second floor, as well as the Lincoln Room and Milwaukee-Downer Room on the first floor can be reserved through the university's Room Reservation System.
    • Room 401 is available primarily for administrative or academic functions. Student study groups may be allowed when there is a library staff person on duty and there are no previous reservations on the room.
    • The Milwaukee-Downer and Lincoln Rooms are available for academic or administrative functions on an occasional (i.e., not regularly-scheduled) basis. If not reserved, these spaces are available for individual or group study use.

Listening and Viewing in the Library

Viewing Rooms
  • Four viewing rooms are available, which are equipped with multi-region Blu-Ray/DVD players, VCRs, monitors, and VGA/HDMI wall plates. Room 132 includes a multi-region VCR.
  • Rooms are available for Lawrence University students, faculty, and staff with ID card access.
  • A weekly schedule for room use is posted on each door every Monday. You may sign up for only one two and one-half hour session at a time.
  • Academic viewing and listening take priority.
  • One individual DVD viewing station is also available in the listening station area.
Listening and Viewing Stations

Listening Stations are available on a first-come first-served basis. Equipment includes turntables, cassette decks, CD players, headphones, and computers. One station is connected to a large wall-mounted monitor with the option for an HDMI connection to a laptop.

Virtual Reality Viewing and Developing

One of the library's listening stations contains a computer for game and virtual reality experience development and 3D modeling. To use this space with the HTC Vive VR headset and its components, please contact If you've already made arrangements to use this computer, be sure to reserve it prior to each use.

Virtual Tour

Find your way around the library with the virtual tour! It can be easily viewed from a desktop computer or mobile device.

Floor Maps

Use these helpful maps to find what you need in the Mudd Library. 

  • First Floor: Circulation, Reserves, Scores, Reference, CDs, DVDs, Viewing Rooms, Makerspace, and more.
  • Level A (between floors 1 & 2): Periodicals/journals, Federal Documents
  • Second Floor:  Maps and atlases, ITC computer lab, Technology Services Helpdesk, Center for Academic Success.
  • Third Floor:  Call numbers B, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, and the Mudd Gallery
  • Fourth Floor:  Call numbers A, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, Z, Wisconsin Collection, and Wisconsin Documents