Ask someone to define 'spiritual activities' and you will get a million different answers.  Some activities have an obvious spiritual relationship to a specific tradition, while other activities lead to a connectedness with community and spiritual curiosity.  How you practice your spirituality can be as impactful as your specific faith tradition, or absence of a faith tradition.

Keep aware of the work that our Interfaith Activator student staff is doing around campus. You'll find them in the most amazing places.  

Students with plants at 2018 Sabin Open House



Meditation By focusing on your breathing and clearing away unnecessary thoughts, you open yourself to the potential of being more centered, focused, and intentional.  Tibetan Buddhist meditation can be experienced at Lawrence and is led by a campus professor who's scholarly work directly lends itself to this contemplative worship practice.   

Large Group meetings with LCF The Lawrence Christian Fellowship meets Wednesdays during term to celebrate their faith, support one another, and engage in activities that support community.  

Jumma practiced on campus at noon on Fridays, Jumma is observed in honor of a holy day of the week, to bring about forgiveness, to be heard by Allah, and  to make special prayers. It is a time for prayer within and for the community. Prayer space (and prayer rugs) available at the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life, or pray on your own. Choose the experience that benefits you most.  

Shabbat on Fridays is hosted by the Hillel chapter of Lawrence and welcomes all who respect the honoring of this faith tradition. Shabbat frequently occurs in the living room of the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life, but also occasionally finds a home at other locations on or near campus as students, staff and faculty come together in support of one another.

Catholic Mass is held once a month and is celebrated by the priest of a local parish.  Mass is open to the Catholic and non-Catholic community. A light meal generally follows the service. 


Students at Taize'Taize' worship services on campus are a partnership between Lawrence, All Saints Episcopal, and Memorial Presbyterian churches. These contemplative worship opportunities are ecumenical Christian services that follow a rhythm of simple chants, silence, and scripture.  Meditative and mindful, the candles and silence allow for centering and listening. 
The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life is regularly seeking students who can assist in creating the musical components of the service or read in English or another language. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the Taize' interns.  All services are open to the public.

Taizé for Fall term 2020 - dates coming soon

5:30pm (CST) Virtual only
{Check Facebook for connection details}
LU Spirit Space
Taizé at Lawrence University

Faith specific worship services also available on campus and in the surrounding community.  


Practices in Attention

Students and staff engage in a weaving project(Temporarily suspended) Practices in Attention at Sabin House are activities that are always present and available for students, staff, or faculty to take advantage of. They encourage exactly as the name indicates...practice.  We provide free form manipulation of clay, plus string, beads and tools for bracelets.  Pencils for coloring, journals for items added and rotated regularly. Here you can transfer your energy in new ways, fail, assess, and start again if necessary.  


 Guided Contemplation (Activities)

Contemplative practices come in many forms. Lawrence provides opportunities for guided contemplation on campus.

TriYoga is a continuous flow practice that encourages you to connect each movement to the next with seamless fluidity.  Available to Lawrentians and community. Visit the Warch Campus Center on Saturday afternoons at 4pm to participate. 

Campus Center Yoga is available weekdays Monday-Thursday and is open to Lawrentians and community.  

Morning Meditation provides an intentional start to the day with a clear head.  Students focus on breathing and posture, connect with their thoughts, and lean toward clarity as they heighten their ability to manage the day ahead of them.   

Buddhist Meditation By focusing on your breathing and clearing away unnecessary thoughts, you open yourself to the potential of being more centered, focused, and intentional.  Tibetan Buddhist meditation can be experienced at Lawrence and is led by a campus professor who's scholarly work directly lends itself to this contemplative worship practice.

Deep Listening Join the Lawrence deep listening community and learn how to deeply experience the world through the art of listening—through sound, through movement, through memory.
Deep Listening is a contemplative practice of hearing in which we are fully present with what is happening in the moment without trying to control or judge it.  It stimulates collaborative thinking. We let go of our inner clamoring and our usual assumptions and listen with respect for precisely what is being heard. No experience needed. Come listen.

Labyrinth Walking is the ancient practice of moving contemplation.  Follow the single path as it winds toward the center, following your intention.  Sit in stillness until you are read to travel outward - finding clarity and renewed focus through the journey.  If you don't have time to travel to the Labyrinth on the ground of First Congregational UCC (next to Alexander gym), then join Dean Morgan-Clement on a virtual walk. 

Sustainable Spirituality Thinking beyond tradition, do you have a curiosity about spiritual styles?  We invite you to consider your own spiritual sustainability plan. If you know your style already but want better access to expressing that style in more meaningful ways, consider what steps you may need to take to begin assessing the effectiveness of what you're already doing.  Engage, explore, and empower yourself to access your own heart knowledge and connection with others while finding a unique center with what comes most naturally to you...your own style.




Students and faculty make Pysanky eggs for EasterStudents prepare food for Iftar


A number of holidays will pass while you are at Lawrence, and many of them are celebrated either campus wide or within student groups.  Our spiritual holidays calendar will give you a guide as to what you might find in celebration or observance around campus. 

Have a dialogue with professors regarding the best ways to manage academic accommodations related to spiritual observance. Practices such as fasting, attendance at worship, or limited use of technology are some of the commonly discussed practices that can relate directly and indirectly to academic performance. Students are encouraged speak with their advisers and professors regarding academic accommodations related to spiritual observances, but may also contact the office of Spiritual and Religious Life for specific information. 

Dia De Los Muertos at Sabin House

Students with sukkah






Open Movement Jam

When a world class conservatory is right on campus, you can't help but put music with movement. At an Open Movement Jam anyone can sing dance, play and make music. Practice with your ensemble, improvise, and bravely connect. 



Fourth Friday Staff and Faculty Lunch

detail of a green salad with tomatosLunch and conversation is offered for Lawrence employees on the fourth Friday of each month when classes are in session.  This luncheon offers a space for the staff and faculty to share personal experiences around a specific topic, enjoy a presence of community outside of the classroom or office, and connect over a simple soup and salad.  No reservation required. 

All lunches will start at noon at the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life. Fall details to follow shortly.