The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life provides a welcoming and supportive environment for spiritual and religious explorations and expressions of faith.

The Center for Spiritual and Religious Life is a welcoming place for curious, intentional, respectful engagement with persons of similar, different or no religious tradition, and for quiet personal reflection and spiritual practice.

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If you'd like to be contacted regarding something specific at the Center, connect with us.

The Changing Landscape

Support can be tangible or intangible, physical and virtual.  We've listed below for some of the tangible and virtual places where we are intentionally supporting while our building is closed.  Lawrence campus partners are  brainstorming new ideas every day where we can all innovate, not isolate while we are apart, not alone

All meeting times listed are in Lawrence Main Campus time (CST) unless otherwise noted. 

Visiting the Student Life Instagram will help keep you connected to campus encouragements from a variety of departments that support you while you're not in class.  Visit the page as part of your daily routine. 

Spaces for spiritual reflection and observance on campus may be designated in alternate locations, but we encourage you to make a special place in your room, home or building where you can practice that which is spiritually or religiously important to you.  

The Food Pantry Now available at Raymond House as a temporary location.  The new hours will be Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10a-2p. Donations should not be left at Sabin House. The Amazon wishlist is probably the best way to donate moving forward. Those boxes will be delivered directly to Raymond House once the Food Pantry is re-established.

Mindful Mondays
Establish your focus through activities and reflections. Merge into a spiritual pathway.

Deep Listening with the Conservatory
Livestream on Facebook
Tuesdays at 10am 

Meditation with Prof. Connie Kassor 
Connect through Zoom
Tuesdays - 4:30 

Fourth Friday Zoom Lunch (Staff & Faculty)
Zoom: 99611491782
Look for the discussion prompt on Facebook
April 24 - noon 
May 22- noon 

Taizé at Lawrence University 
Connection details available via Facebook
{Every Other Sunday} April 19 through May 31


During the Spring Term, Lawrence is making every effort to spiritually support the students and staff of our community in an ever changing environment.  The student employees will continue to be available for program support. The Dean and Chaplain and Associate Dean are available for counseling and guidance even if you are off campus.  For those planning to be on campus, we will continue to attempt to provide safe and brave spaces for spiritual reflection and observance. Please email us for assistance in establishing the best method of communication for support. 

Your Personal Spiritual Details

It's true, this office does try to connect the students staff and faculty with the spiritual practices that most suit them.  By direct communication, notification of programs or events, campus and building signs, and personal communication through the Interfaith Activators we actively encourage awareness of spiritual opportunities on campus.  The knowledge that many Lawrentians view religion and spirituality as an extension of their work and study creates direct and indirect connections which provides balance in the classroom, lab, rehearsal room, and dorm room. 

Part of the connection we strive for is derived from basic knowledge of who our students are, and how their spirituality manifests.  To accurately access who we communicate with, our internal systems require each student to maintain their own spiritual information.  While much of this information is collected at the time of admission, we know that growth happens and change can occur.  Students who wish to acknowledge or update their spiritual affiliation in Voyager, are welcome to do so at any time.  Within Voyager, select Personal Information / How to Change Personal Information / Religious Affiliation.  A dropdown menu will be presented for you to select from one of the 40+ options offered.  Information is private, confidential and never shared.  

Students can help themselves, and help the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life connect them to the services and outreach that best suit their path.  

With You Through Each Step

Learning occurs on a variety of platforms and in a large array of spaces. It is continuous. It happens spiritually, culturally, virtually, environmentally, visually, auditorily, kinesthetically and psychologically to name a few.  Please refer back to this space as we and our partners in Student Life develop and share mindful and intentional support structures for our on and off campus users.

Open Hours for Appointments (CST)

Linda Morgan-Clement: 
Tuesdays:  3p-4p
Wednesdays: 7p-9p
Fridays: 3p-5p

Terra Winston
Thursdays: 10a-12p

Mindful Mondays 

April 6:  As we set our intention for the term, having the right perspective and mindset is a first step that should never be ignored. Allow the Dean to explain..

April 13: A few activities to express yourself and share connection and gratitude. Terra shares it best... 

April 20: Get comfortable with the earth. Seeds, dirt,water, sun and care. Get gardening with Associate Dean Winston...

April 27:  When soap is more than just soap - it's an outlet for making things better.  Clean carving with the Center's coordinator, Karen...

May 4: Give some time to the books that first grounded you as a child. Linda's sharing one her favorites on Wednesday...

May 11: Walking the Labyrinth is an ancient practice of setting aside. Join Linda to walk the Labyrinth next to Lawrence's Alexander gym. 

May 18: It's been proven that looking at or being around water has a soothing and comforting effect.  Walk with Terra as she explores the Fox River as as it can be seen in Appleton

May 25:  Happy Memorial Day

June 1: Grow and move through purpose into peace. Tai Chi with Linda Morgan-Clement