The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life educates and models exploration and expressions of faith and spirituality; nurtures a welcoming, supportive, courageous environment where people engage one another for meaningful and balanced living.

The Center for Spiritual and Religious Life is a welcoming place for curious, intentional, respectful engagement with persons of similar, different or no religious tradition, and for quiet personal reflection and spiritual practice.

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The Landscape

 Tai Chi

Join Linda Morgan-Clement for Tai Chi Wednesdays at 5:45 on Fourth Floor Warch Campus Center

boots in snow with words Take A Hike

Tuesdays at 3p, first year students join Amber and four-legged friend, Mudd to explore the surrounding outdoor trails of campus and get some fresh air. Meet on the first floor of the Center. Come as you are. No RSVP required. 

Meditation at Spiritual and Religious Life

Virtual and in-person. Join student leaders on Thursdays at 4:30 pm in the Esch Hurvis rooms in the Campus Center.  Virtual meditators can connect from here on Mondays at 4:30 pm. Connect with the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life for the room passcode.   Read more under 'Guided Contemplation'...

Spaces for spiritual reflection and observance 

We encourage you to make a special place in your room, home or building where you can practice that which is spiritually or religiously centering for you. 


Great News

Halal entrees available in Andrew Commons are now regularly available on Monday dinner and Friday lunch (different stations each of the days). Also, a Halal beef hamburger has been added it to the menu in The Cafe.  The burger will be cooked in a pan on the stove (not the flattop with the rest of the burgers) with different utensils, and all of the staff have received updated training on Halal foods and their preparation. 

Taking time at the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life   "Spiritual and Religious LIfe at Lawrence" White background with a pencil drawing of a campus building

 The Dean/Chaplain and Associate Dean are available for counseling and guidance even if you are off campus.  For those planning to be on campus, we will continue to provide safe and brave spaces for spiritual reflection and observance.  New ways we're using the space include Read More...

10 Well-Being Tips During the Days of COVID-19 - from the Center for Healthy Minds

Sustainable Spirituality   

Create your own Spiritual Sustainability Plan

Empower yourself to access your heart's hunger and develop connection with yourself and others. Take an hour to reflect and make a plan to take a spiritual step. 

Download the Sustainable Spirituality Workbook (.pdf) and use it you reflect, personalize, and plan for spiritual growth. Connect directly with Linda Morgan-Clement for additional direction or more information.    

The Food Pantry

The Food Pantry is open in the basement of the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life - use your ID for access. The door for the Food Pantry is across from the first floor restroom, with food, some books, and warm winter wear at the bottom of the stairs. 

3/14-20       (9a-midnight)  all building doors open
3/21-27       (9a-midnight)  all building doors open
3/28-4/3      (9a-midnight)  south building door only for Food Pantry access
4/4-10         (9a-midnight)  south building door only for Food Pantry access
4/11- 6/12    (9a-midnight) all building doors open

Prayer Wall

Prayer wall to be available in weeks nine and ten. 

In times of anxiety, stress, or fear – a natural response is to close; close our hearts, our emotions, and our relationships. A set of temporary “prayer walls” will be set in International House, The Diversity and Intercultural Center, and in the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life.  You are invited to place your intentions, wishes, hopes, thanksgiving, fears, confessions, questions, or prayers into the “wall” regardless of background or beliefs. Watch for the wall to appear in other locations. Send your prayer request anonymously and we will add it to the wall.

At the end of term, we will dismantle the wall and collect the prayers. They will be released, unopened, to the universe through burning. 

Virtual or On-Campus

Opportunities at Lawrence don't end at the classroom or physical campus. Check out any of our offerings and look for either the virtual version, or the on-campus access.  

Music For One

line drawing of a person seated and holding a cello

Are you missing live music and performance? Music for One is pairs a live musician with an audience member, for the purpose of spiritual uplift. Sign up NOW for Sunday, February 28th or Sunday March 7th. - spaces are available in the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life and the Conservatory of Music. You may choose to be in person and distanced or virtual.

Please click here to fill out the musician form
Please click here to fill out the audience form


Working Title Collaborative Story
Write the Winter 2021 story - Collaboratively

In the Winter series of [WORKING TITLE] Collaborative Story, we want you to be a part of a collaborative story.  Literally. A fictional story of words and images written by several Lawrentians over several weeks. People have a lot to say, and our input affects others. By combining that input - we connect ourselves together and build a new and interesting thing at the same time
Ask Yourself This…
• What are the ideas that you want to be influential and how can fiction move those ideas forward?