Lawrence University's Student Employment Program promotes the part-time employment of students during periods of enrollment. The program is designed primarily for those students who have "demonstrated financial need," but is available to all students whether or not they are receiving financial aid.

Preference and priority for employment is given to students who received Federal Work-Study or Campus Employment as part of their financial aid. Students are encouraged to seek employment as early in the academic year as possible.

Post a Student Employment Position

Step 1

Go to the LUworks Employer website: .


  • Register on LUworks. Refer to the On-Campus Employer User Guide to learn how.
  • Along with student employment opportunities, you can also post full, part-time, seasonal and internship positions through LUworks.

Step 2


  • Include "Federal Work-Study" in the title of your job opportunity.  For example, "Federal Work-Study - Tutor."
  • Include "Federal Work-Study" in the qualifications section of your job description to help students understand that they must be eligible for Federal Work-Study in order to apply for the position.
  • Note: there is a difference between Federal Work-Study and Campus Employment. Click here to learn more.

If you have any questions during the log-in process, please do not hesitate to contact Lawrence University Career Services at x6561.

Supervisor New Hire Checklist

1. Set-up the student's information in Voyager and submit to the Payroll Office:

  • Login to Voyager
  • Click on the General Information About Students tab
  • Click on the Submit Student Hire Information link
  • On the Student Hire Information screen you will be asked to submit the following information:
    • Department
    • Position
    • Supervisor to approve time sheet.

2. Make sure that all students hired have submitted required employment forms

  • Required Employment Forms to be submitted to the Payroll Office (111 Brokaw Hall)
    • I-9
    • W-4
    • Direct Deposit
    • Payroll Deduction Authorization
  • If not already on file with Lawrence, an I-9 must be completed within 3 days of hiring a student.
  • To verify that a student has completed an I-9, contact Lisa Van Zeeland at x6723 in the Payroll Office.

Students will not have access to their time sheet in Voyager until after Steps 1 & 2 above have been completed.

Step 3

Review the following Frequently Asked Questions:

How to I approve hours worked for student employees?

Through Voyager Web Time Entry (WTE), supervisors verify student hours worked. Click here to review the Web Time Entry for Approvers

What forms must be completed before students can work on campus?

Student employment forms are available on both the Financial Aid Office page and the Financial Services page. As required by law, a student must complete an I-9 Form prior to working on campus. Along with the I-9 form, a student must provide appropriate identification to verify eligibility to work as well as to establish identity. The I-9 form need only be completed once while working at Lawrence. Additionally, a W-4 Form must be completed by the student prior to working. The W-4 Form is valid for the duration of the student's employment at Lawrence unless they would like to change their withholding.

A student will not be able to access their time sheet in Voyager until they have completed an I-9 Form.

How many hours a week a student work?

Although a student can work numerous jobs on campus simultaneously, he or she cannot work more than 20 hours per week during any periods of enrollment. If a student exceeds 20 hours, they will receive a warning. The second infraction will result in the student losing his or her privileges to work on campus for the remainder of the academic year.

During periods of non-enrollment (i.e., winter or spring break) students can work up to 40 hours per week.

When do students get paid?

Student employees are paid bi-weekly. Time sheets must be submitted through Voyager to the Payroll Office at the end of each pay period. If the time sheet is not received on time or is completed incorrectly, payment will be delayed.

How do students find out about jobs on campus?

Students can look for jobs on the LUworks website

There are also a number of community service positions available. Students must have Federal Work-Study (listed as part of their financial aid) to work in one of the community service positions.