Voyager Proxy Access (Access to Voyager for Parents, Guardians, etc.)

Proxy access allows Lawrence University students to grant another person (parent, guardian, etc.) access to their confidential Voyager record.  A proxy is ONLY allowed to access the specific information that the student has granted them rights to view.


Click here for Voyager Proxy Access


Student Instructions: How to Set Up a Proxy (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Which students can set up a proxy in Voyager?

Any student has the ability to set up a proxy in Voyager.

How do I establish a proxy in Voyager?

Here’s a quick reference guide:

  1. Log into your Voyager account.
  2. Click the Personal Information tab.
  3. Click Manage Voyager Proxy Access.
  4. Click Proxy Management
  5. Click Add Proxy and fill in the proxy information.
  6. Click Expand [proxy’s name].
  7. Select a Relationship from the pull down menu.
  8. Fill in a Description of your proxy (Mom, Dad, etc.).
  9. Start and Stop Dates are automatically populated.
  10. Click the Authorization tab and select the desired proxy’s authorized activities. There is no “save” button, your choices are saved automatically as you click. You have successfully established access for your proxy. You can modify or revoke this access at any time.

Why can’t I use the same email address for my mom and dad or other proxies?

The unique identifier for the proxy in Voyager Proxy is the email address. An email address can only be associated with one person.

If my proxy forgets their password, how do they get a new one?

In your proxy’s profile tab, click the Reset Password arrow. This will immediately send an email to your proxy, with the login instructions and temporary password. An email will also be sent to your LU email address.

I am selecting items I want my proxy to see, but where is the save button?

The functionality on the Authorization tab, where you select the items that you want your proxy to see, saves your selection immediately upon each click. There is no save button.

I no longer want my proxy to have any access to my information. What do I do?

Access to information can be removed by changing the stop date on the Profile tab, or you can remove all checkmarks on the Authorization tab.

Will my proxy be notified if I modify or remove authorization to view my information?

There is no automatic notification sent to your proxy when you modify the items on the Authorization tab. If you want to notify them of any changes, click Email Authorizations in the Authorization tab.

I only want my proxy to have access for a particular time frame. Can I set a date range?

You may set or change the start and end date for each proxy on the Profile tab.

What does the lock mean when I see it next to my proxy’s name?

The lock means that your proxy doesn’t have access yet. If you want to grant access, expand the proxy and assign a relationship and authorizations. You will also see a lock when the stop date for the proxy has been reached.

What does the number of pages mean next to my proxy’s name?

The number of pages indicates the number of items of information you have authorized the proxy to see.

Information for Proxy (Parents & Authorized Users)

Instructions for the Proxy (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions for the Proxy

How do I get to the login for Voyager proxy access?
The initial email you received about your new proxy access gave you a unique URL to access Voyager proxy with a temporary password. If you have already accessed Voyager and set up your new password, then use that link to access the Voyager proxy login, or bookmark and use the following link:

I can’t remember my password. What do I do?
You need to contact the Lawrence student you are a proxy for, and ask them to reset your password. Once the student you are a proxy for resets your password, an email will immediately be sent to you with the login instructions and a temporary password.   LU staff do not have access to rest a proxy password.

My email address is changing. What do I do?
Login to Voyager Proxy Access. Update your email address. An email will be sent to the new email address you entered. Click on the link in the email to verify your new email address. 

How can I find out what the student I am a proxy for has authorized me to see?
Log into Voyager proxy access. After completing your profile information, you will see the authorizations the student you are a proxy for granted you by clicking the tab with the student’s name.

I used to be able to see information, now I can’t. What happened?
The student you are a proxy for is in control of the information that you can view. If you can no longer see an item, please contact the student.

Why can I not see what I expected to see on the proxy access list in Voyager?
The student you are a proxy for is in control of what is authorized for you. If you are expecting to see something else, you need to discuss your needs with the student for whom you are a proxy.

I am a proxy for more than one student. Why can I see different things on each student?
Each student is able to grant access to their proxy as they see fit. It is possible that you were granted different accesses between students.

I am a proxy for more than one student. How can I see each student’s information in Voyager?
For each student that has identified you as a proxy, there will be a tab in Voyager with each student's name. By clicking the name tab, you will see the items that each student has authorized.

I am a proxy for more than one student. How can I tell which student’s information I am looking at?
When an information item is selected, the information is displayed in a new window. The name of the student is located in the top portion of the web page.