When it comes to paying for college, Lawrence has two separate online systems: Voyager and CASHNet.

Billing Statements

  • Billing statement are only available online in CASHNet 
  • The first billing statement of the academic year is available on July 15. New billing statements are available on the 15th of each month.
  • Students must create a CASHNet account for their parent(s). Click here for instructions.
  • Click here to view your student's bill or to make a payment online using CASHNet.
  • What is CASHNet? Click here for a preview of CASHNet.

Voyager Proxy Access (Access to Voyager for Parents, Guardians, etc.)

Proxy access allows Lawrence students to grant another person (parent, guardian, etc.) access to their confidential Voyager record, such as their financial aid award and required documents.

Loan Options

As a parent of a college student, you can obtain a Federal Direct PLUS Loan (also commonly referred to as the Parent PLUS Loan). Unlike a private student loan, you (the parent) are the borrower. Click here to learn more and to apply for a PLUS Loan.

In addition to the PLUS Loan, you or someone else can also co-sign for a Private Student Loan. Your student is the borrower for a Private Student Loan. Click here for more information.

Combined Payment Plan & PLUS Loan

Some families are able to reduce their overall borrowing by paying part of their balance over a 10-month period while borrowing the remainder over a 10-year period.


Use the link below to access your billing statements or to make a payment.

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