Committee Members

The Executive Committee of the LUAA Board of Directors consists of the President, President-Elect/Vice-President, Secretary, committee chairs, task-force members as appointed by the President, and ACE Staff.

Karl A. Hochkammer ’92, President
Irene Ang Strohbeen '78 President Elect and Co-Chair, Connecting Alumni
Jeff Billings '03, Secretary
Gacia Coronado '10, Co-Chair, Development
Peter B. Welch '09, Co-Chair Development
Bryan Torcivia '81, Co-Chair, Awards
Kristen Olson Lahner '73, Co-Chair Awards
Katy Schwartz-Strei '84, Co-Chair, Connecting Alumni
Lauren Hall '12, Co-Chair, Connecting to Campus

Sandeep Murti '95, Co-Chair, Connecting to Campus

Matthew Baumler, Executive Director of Alumni & Constituency Engagement, Ex Officio
Stacy Mara,  Associate Vice President of Development, Ex Officio
Dakota William '14, Assistant Director of Alumni & Constituency Engagement, Ex Officio
Katie Seidel, Associate Director of Admissions, Ex Officio