Alumni Ambassadors are integral to the success of LU. By sharing your time and talents in one, or many ways, you can help make a lasting impact on the Lawrence community. You can help us make a better Lawrence by assisting in Admissions recruitment, helping prepare current students for life after Lawrence, and keeping your fellow Lawrentians connected. Below are a few ways you can get involved. Sign up now to become an Alumni Ambassador.  

Admitted Student Receptions

Host and/or attend an Admitted Student Reception in your area

Time commitment per event: approx. 2-5 hours
When: Mid-March and late summer

Students apply to several colleges each year. As it becomes time for them to make a decision, our goal is to offer an opportunity for prospective students to connect with each other and members of the Lawrence community. We appreciate being able to offer the alumni prospective and welcome you to join us to answer last minute questions and help them feel confident in their decision. These events are elegantly casual and vary based on location and size.


Alumni Admissions Interviews

Time commitment per interview: Interview approx. 1 hour; set-up time and reporting approx. 1 hour
When: September through mid-February

With your help, we can enhance the prospective student experience and support the Admissions Office in gathering more insight about each applicant. Interviews give us the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with students and understand who is well-matched and ready to take advantage of the Lawrence experience. You get to select as few or as many prospective students as you'll have time to connect with and meet with them in your local area.


Career Contact

Become a Career Contact

Time commitment per student: approx. 1-2 hours
When: Upon student request

We appreciate your willingness to share your life and work experiences to assist current students and other alumni with career exploration and networking. No special training is required—just a willingness to share your experiences with others interested in your career field, graduate school field of study, or geographic area.


Class Leadership Team

Keep your classmates connected

Time commitment: 15-20 hours a year
When: Anytime
Members of the Class Leadership Team serve as the principal communicators for the alumni they graduated with. The Class Leadership Team, launched in September 2016, encompasses Class Agents, Class Secretaries, Viking Gift Committee, Legacy Circle Gift Planning Chairs, and Reunion Committees.  With the Class Leadership Team portal as a user friendly tool, you will have the opportunity to select tasks such as writing a fundraising letter, collecting and curating class notes, thanking classmates for their gift to Lawrence, thanking and promoting the Lawrence-Downer Legacy Circle, and encouraging attendance at events on campus or regionally.

College Fairs

Time commitment per fair: approx. 2-4 hours
When: Fall and Spring
Lawrence University is invited to hundreds of college fairs each year, so we depend on our alumni to help cover college fairs across the country. We will provide you with all of the information you need (table banner, Admissions materials, FAQs, current facts & figures, etc.) to make sure you feel prepared to represent LU at a college fair in your area.


Regional Clubs

Join a Regional Club in your area

Time commitment: varied
When: Anytime

Lawrentians are everywhere! Whether it's a social or networking event, a cultural event, or an opportunity to do some community service together, we'd love to connect you with other Lawrentians in your area. Regional Clubs are making a comeback and we'd love to know if you're interested in getting involved! Regional Clubs will be popping up in the Fox Cities, Milwaukee, Madison, the Twin Cities, D.C., and Chicago. If you live in another area and there is interest, there is an opportunity to start a club there as well!


Reunion Committee

Help plan your Reunion

Time commitment: 15-20 hours a year plus attend both Reunion Weekend in June and Reunion Workshop in September.
When: Year leading up to your Reunion Committees for each Reunion encourage participation in a class gift to the Lawrence Fund and attendance at reunion, as well as plan specific class related events for Reunion Weekend.



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