1. Select your candidate(s)

First you will need to select your candidate(s). Log in to the Alumni Ambassador Portal at with your username and password. The first time through it will ask you to change your password. Once you’re in, you’ll see a list of students within 50 miles of you. Click on students’ names to learn a little bit about and to “claim” them.

2. Schedule your interview(s) with candidate(s)

Once you have selected your candidate(s), you can email, call or text the candidate to schedule the interview, according to your preference. Quite often, you’ll have to employ more than one method of communication in order to reach the candidate. Best practice is to start with an email and follow up with a phone call or text message.

When you contact the candidate, clearly identify yourself as a Lawrence University graduate, and state that the admissions office has asked that you reach out for an interview.

Remember that interviews are optional for the applicant. If the applicant does not wish to have an interview, simply note this on the interview report. If you don’t hear back from an applicant after reaching out to set up the interview, feel free to try a different mode of communication or a second email, phone call or text message. If, after a second attempt, the student does not respond, please file the report in the Alumni Ambassador Portal to indicate that the candidate did not respond to your invitation and move on to the next candidate.

The candidate may ask questions about the nature of the interview. Don’t get too bogged down in the details of what you’ll ask; every interview is different. Just remember this is simply an opportunity for you and the candidate to explore together how Lawrence may fit with the student’s talents and aspirations.

Both you and the candidate are busy, so a mutually convenient time and location will go a long way toward a successful interview.

3. Conduct your interview

In a public place, leaving the student with a positive impression of Lawrence.

4. Write and submit your interview report

Write your report as soon as possible after the interview has concluded and submission on or before priority deadlines will ensure interview reports are added to applicants’ files in a timely manner during application review.

Priority Deadlines

November 10: Early Decision candidates

December 1: Early Action 1 candidates

January 10: Early Action 2 candidates

February 15: Regular Decision candidates

Here are some other things to keep in mind as you write your report:
  •     You are the eyes and ears for the admissions office. Your insights provide a context that is usually not available through the application.
  •     Share insights about the applicant’s intellectual/professional interests and the motivation for these interests.
  •     Highlight impressions or observations about the student and his/her/their potential contributions to the Lawrence community.
  •     Assess the applicant’s personality, maturity and ability to communicate ideas.
  •     Do not describe students in physical, racial, religious, sexual or other stereotyping terms.
  •     While it is fine to write, “This is the best applicant I’ve interviewed this year,” it is otherwise best to avoid making direct comparisons between applicants.
  •     To see sample reports, click here.


5. Follow up with your student

A quick e-mail of “thanks for meeting me” or “I enjoyed learning about...” is well received. Also when you find out a student has been admitted, feel free to write a “CONGRATS” e-mail.