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Your attendance at College Fairs allows our Office of Admissions to reach more students. The resources provided on this page are to help you represent LU confidently and effectively during a College Fair.

College Fair Resources

Alumni Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear?

  • Business casual attire is recommended for most college fairs. If there is a specific dress code, it will be included in the college fair invitation details
  • Show your LU pride by wearing blue and white.
  • Wear your name tag (provided in the College Fair Material Box)
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will likely be standing at your table the majority of the time

What to expect? The logistics of a College Fair

  • With the College Fair Material Box in hand, plan to arrive 30 minutes early so you have time to park and set up your table before families arrive
  • Check-in at information desk before heading to your table – they will let you know where your assigned table is as well as direct you to available refreshments
  • Follow general guidelines/expectations of college fair: stay behind your table, do not give out candy or college swag, stay until the end

What to accomplish during a College Fair?

  • Begin conversations and build relationships with prospective students/families
  • Tally how many prospective students you speak with
  • Encourage students to fill out the inquiry card to receive additional information

What to do following a College Fair?

  • Mail the College Fair Report along with the Lawrence table banner, and any prospective student inquiry cards back to Lawrence within 3 business days.We need to enter students in our data system as soon as possible and will repack your banner into another box for another college fair.

Conversation starters

How is your college search going?

Have you visited a college campus?

What are you interested in academically?

Is there something specific you’re looking for?

What do you like to do outside of the classroom?


We will treat our prospective students - and those who influence them - in a way that makes them feel, regardless of the outcome, that nobody treated them better than Lawrence University.

- Office of Admissions Mission


Lynette Schroeder picture
Lynette Schroeder
Alumni Admissions Engagement Office Coordinator

LU Overview

If you only have a quick minute to describe LU, here is something to share:

Lawrence University is a residential liberal arts college and conservatory of music, both devoted exclusively to undergraduate education. Our student body is made up of about 1500 intellectually curious, diverse, multi-interested students from nearly every state and 50 countries. The LU experience embodies:

  • A Rigorous and Challenging Academic Experience
  • A Welcoming and Supportive Community
  • Preparation to Succeed in a Rapidly Changing World

Helpful Tips

Students will be prepared and at different stages of their college search. Some will have specific questions and some may not know what to ask. You may need to give them a 1 minute introduction to Lawrence.

You may want to bring a bottle of water to have at your table in case it’s not provided for you by fair hospitality.