college fair table
Jarrad Bittner '10 and Kate Bittner '12 representing at a College Fair in D.C.

College Fairs

During the College Fair Season (August-May), Lawrence University is invited to college fairs all across the world. Our staff cannot attend every fair, so we are fortunate that our alumni admissions volunteers are very willing to represent LU at college fairs.

After our Alumni Admissions volunteer confirms which college fair they are available to staff, our Engagement Coordinator will mail a box of materials (everything needed to staff the table); including information to hand out, response cards for prospective students to fill out, a table banner, FAQ’s, specific college fair details, etc. Following the fair, we ask the alumni volunteer to fill out a short evaluation form in order for LU to gauge the amount of foot traffic and effectiveness of our presence at that specific college fair.

College Fair Sign-Up

Thank you for your interest in representing Lawrence. Please e-mail Lynette Schroeder to see which college fairs are happening in your area.

Lynette Schroeder picture
Lynette Schroeder
Alumni Admissions Engagement Office Coordinator



For additional information and volunteer expectations CLICK HERE.

From a Volunteer

"Alumni who represent not only provide helpful LU information and their own experience, but their presence at college fairs demonstrates their lasting affection and pride. That is a statement both students and parents remember."

- Andrea Hendrickson '04