Alumni Admissions Volunteers

Lawrence University’s welcoming and global community depends on alumni, parents, and friends of the College who volunteer their time, resources, and talents. As an Alumni Admissions volunteer, you will have the opportunity to share your LU value story and shape the next generation of Lawrentians through a variety of opportunities.

Activities may include:

Your stories bring LU to life in ways that other methods cannot and with your involvement the LU name can reach across the country and world. It is always a pleasure to add new, enthusiastic volunteers to our admissions recruitment efforts and to welcome back long-time volunteers to another year of service.


We will treat our prospective students - and those who influence them - in a way that makes them feel, regardless of the outcome, that nobody treated them better than Lawrence University.

- Office of Admissions Mission

Other opportunities to support LU Admissions

•Connect with your Alumni Admissions Engagement Regional Club Liaison

•Encourage co-workers and friends who have college-bound children to look at Lawrence

•Wear Lawrence apparel and display LU memorabilia at work and home

•Connect with students in your region or who share your academic interests

•Share your LU value story

•Host an LU event at a place you are connected with in your community

•Attend Scholarship Night at High Schools/Secondary Schools in your area

•Encourage your classmates to stay involved

•Simply have a phone call or e-mail conversation with a prospective student

•Keep us updated with your information

Contact Us

Mary Kate Smith | Assistant Director of Admissions | 920-832-7067

Lynette Schroeder | Alumni Admissions Engagement Office Coordinator / Admissions Reception | 920-832-6549

If you haven't formally signed up to be an Alumni Ambassador, please do so HERE. This is necessary so we can give you access to the technology we use to connect you with prospective students.

Building Relationships

Thomas Quill with an accepted student he interviewed
Thomas Quill '82 interviewed a student from CA who made the decision to attend Lawrence in fall 2018. He was later invited to the family's send-off party.

"I made some great connections with alumni...those relationships helped me see that it is so important to build that bridge for the next generation of students"
-Maxwell Edwards '17