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Save the Date

Save the date for the next Black Alumni Network Reunion!

November 1-2, 2019

Join us on campus to reconnect with your classmates, your college, and current students. At its core, Lawrence is about community. The Lawrence University Black Alumni Network is an inspiring and rewarding weekend designed to unite the alumni and campus community in support of Lawrence's diverse, multicultural future.

2016 Reunion Schedule


Friday, September 30


Cultural Conversations*

Warch Campus Center, Esch Hurvis Room 225
Join Associate Dean of Students for Diversity, Pa Lee Moua and current students for a lunch and small group conversations addressing key campus issues, such as identity development, diversity and socioeconomic background. 

1:50-3 p.m.
Afternoon of Liberal Learning*

Do you miss your days in the classroom? Here is your chance to become a student again! Below is a list of courses being offered Fall Term. Complete the registration form to sit in on one or more of these classes with today’s students. Space is limited. Courses are subject to change, pending final approval of the class schedule.

Democracy in Comparative Perspective
Briggs Hall, Room 420
This  course examines variations in the institutional design and practice of democracy, drawing on a range of national and historical cases. Course materials will address the following questions: Are there social, cultural or economic prerequisites for democratic stability? How and why does the design of democratic institutions vary across national borders? Why does democracy sometimes produce undesirable social, political and economic outcomes? And why and how do democracies collapse?
Ameya Balseka, associate professor of government.

Introduction to Gender Studies
Memorial Hall, Room 002
What is gender? How is it constructed by the social world in which we live? how are our models or masculinity and feminity interwoven with models of race, sexuality, class, nationality, etc.? We will explore these questions theoretically and through interdisciplinary focal points. These may included "testosterone," "beauty," "domesticity" or other examples as chosen by the instructors.
Amy Nottingham-Martin, lecturer of Freshman Studies

4 p.m.
What's New On Campus Tour
Alice G. Chapman Hall, Lobby
Lawrence has changed a lot. Join current students for this 60-minute walking tour as they showcase all of the new and exciting spaces, places and plans on campus.

6 p.m.
Opening Reception and Dinner*

President's House, 229 N. Park Ave.
Join faculty, staff and students for this grand kickoff celebration.

8 p.m.
Sankofa Open House

726 E. Boldt Way
Sankofa House is a formal group house located on campus. Sankofa House is the name the Black Student Union chose because it has the loose translation of “to look back and bring forward.” 


Saturday, October 1

8:30 a.m.
Breakfast with Burstein
Warch Campus Center, Esch Hurvis Room 225
Lawrence University President Mark Burstein will host a conversation with black alumni. Introductory remarks will be followed by an open forum for questions. 

10 a.m. 
“Race in America: A Deeper Black”
Warch Campus Center, Cinema 204
On Nov. 5, 2015, author and journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates, one of the nation’s most important contemporary writers on the subject of race, examined the conflicted and hopeful state of black America in a Lawrence Convocation entitled Race in America: A Deeper Black. Following a screening of his remarks, join alumni, students and Fox Cities community leaders for a facilitated group reflection.

Lunch with Dr. Kimberly Barrett, vice president for diversity & inclusion and associate dean of the faculty*
Warch Campus Center, Nathan March Pusey Room 325

2 p.m.
Diversity Circle
Memorial Hall, Diversity Center
Discover your own truths about diversity and inclusion with this powerful, enlivening and contemporary approach to diversity training, moderated by current Lawrence students.

3:30 p.m.
What's New on Campus Tour

Alice G. Chapman Hall, Lobby
Lawrence has changed a lot. Join current students for this 60-minute walking tour as they showcase all of the new and exciting spaces, places and plans on campus.

6 p.m.
Reception and Photos
Warch Campus Center, Esch Hurvis Room 225

7 p.m.
Dinner and Dancing* (cash bar)
Warch Campus Center, Esch Hurvis Room 225
Break out your dancing shoes and celebrate new and renewed connections with students, faculty and staff.

10 p.m.
After -party (cash bar)
Memorial Hall, viking Room


Sunday, October 2

10:30 a.m.-noon
Brunch and Q&A with the President’s Committee on Diversity*
Warch Campus Center, Nathan Marsh Pusey Room 325
The President’s Committee on Diversity Affairs was established to foster diversity in the Lawrence community and curriculum and to help create a more inclusive campus community. This session will allow members of the Lawrence University Black Alumni Network to share their experiences and feedback with this key group of campus leaders. 

Times are subject to change. Final program will be distributed upon check-in on campus.
*Pre-registration required.