The Alumni Directory

The updated Alumni Directory is a wonderful tool you can use to easily update your information, connect with other alumni, and indicate groups and volunteer areas you're interested in. Below are answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have a question not addressed here, please email us at

Logging in/out

Q: How do I log in and out of the directory?

A: Accessing the directory is easy! You can click the button at the top of this page or use the direct link at You will log in using your primary email address and password as your alumni login (previously used to access Voyager). You can use the link available there to reset your password. If you don't have a primary email address on file, please contact the Alumni Office at 920-832-7019 to update your information. For security purposes, once you are finished looking at the directory, click the 'log out' button in the upper right corner of that screen.

Q: Can I log in with more than one email address?

A: Only one email address and password combination per person can be used to access the directory.

Searching for Alumni

Q: How do I search for my classmates in the directory?

A: Once logged in to the directory, click on the 'Directory' tab at the top of the page. On the page that appears, you will select classmates using the 'Add Search Criteria' section of the search box. Click where it says 'Name' and select 'Class Year' from the drop down menu. You can then enter in a class year (ex: 1979) or a range of class years (ex: 1978-1981) and click the 'Add filter' in the search box. Then click 'Run Search' to complete the search and find your classmates. You can use the same steps to search for alumni with a specific major or address as well.


Q: Who can all access the Alumni Directory?

A: Anyone can create a profile in the directory, but only verified Lawrence University alumni and current students can utilize the directory to search for classmates and other alumni.

Q: How do I customize my privacy settings to control what parts of my contact information are visible to others in the directory?

A: Unless otherwise indicated, your primary contact information will be visible in the directory; this includes your name, city/state/zip, class year/major, email and employment information. You have control over what information is shared and can opt-out completely to not show your name as well. After logging in, click the 'Edit profile' button to update your information and choose which areas are shown. Be sure to click 'Save Changes & Set Privacy' when you are finished.

Q: What do you do with my information?

A: Lawrence University will never sell your data and we do not provide it to a third party for any purpose that is not directly related to Lawrence University.

Q: How do I opt-out completely from the directory?

After logging in and updating your information, you will have the option when saving your information to go unlisted. This will keep your information in our database current without allowing others to access it or contact you.


Employment Information and Other Interests

Q: How do I connect my LinkedIn profile to my directory information?

A: Once logged in to the directory, you will see an area titled Employment Information. Click the blue button to connect your LinkedIn profile. You will need to login and confirm that you want your information linked.

Q: What does Alumni Interests include?

A: In this area of your profile, you can indicate volunteer interests you have as an alumni ambassador here. Some of the available alumni volunteer interests include...

  • attending student receptions
  • class leadership team
  • class reunions
  • conducting prospective student interviews
  • emailing individual prospective students
  • participating on a Q&A panel
  • regional club leadership
  • representing LU at college fairs
  • writing an LU volunteer professional letter.

Read more about volunteering as an alumni ambassador here.

Connect on social media

You can also get updates from the alumni office and news about other alumni by following along on other social media platforms.

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