Each year, 1,500 Lawrentians come from the world’s largest cities and smallest towns to form a residential community within a vibrant and accessible city.

They are first-generation and fifth-generation college students. They come from families of every size and structure.They are academically, socially, culturally, and economically diverse.

The most important thing to remember is no matter how far you may travel, you will find support. Below are just some of the resources Lawrence offers to ensure our international students will thrive and succeed at Lawrence and after graduating from Lawrence.

International Student Services

The office of International Student Services (ISS) is devoted to the unique personal and educational goals and needs of the diverse international community at Lawrence University. ISS strives to promote awareness, perspectives, and understanding of international cultures to cultivate informed global citizenship through a variety of programming and events.

ISS is also responsible for all communication and certifications with the various US government agencies involved with the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, or SEVIS. All questions related to federal regulations and work benefits as they pertain to individuals maintaining "F" and "J" immigration status are handled through ISS.

ISS can be contacted by phone at 920-832-6509 or by email at internationalhouse@lawrence.edu.


English as a Second Language Resources

Lawrence University and the Center for Academic Success provide multiple avenues for second language speakers of English to continue to improve their English proficiency at the highest levels. ESL students may choose to develop English skills through tutoring, ESL courses, individual consultations, and self-study using the ESL resource library. Students can also seek assistance arranging for extra time on examinations.

More information is available here.


Summer Institute for International Students

The Summer Institute for International Students (SIIS) is held in the three weeks leading up to International Student Orientation and Welcome Week. The program has been created to ease international students’ transition from high school in another language and culture into the academic learning community at Lawrence University.

In particular, the SIIS introduces students to learning in the liberal arts tradition. Students will learn about and engage in the types of academic study common in American liberal arts institutions, including academic discussions, thesis-driven essays, and critical thinking about texts and lectures. In addition to adjusting academically, students also have the opportunity to adjust to life on campus by getting used to the residence halls, finding their way around campus, and making friends.

More information on SIIS, including dates, costs, and curriculum, is available here.


International House

Open daily from 8:00am to midnight, International House—conveniently home to our International Student Services team— serves as a hub for student activity. In the afternoons and evenings, groups of students study in the large dining room, cook food from home in the kitchen, and watch international television programs in the lounge. International House also has space available for Muslim prayer.


Lawrence International (LI)

Lawrence International (LI) is one of our largest student organizations. For more than four decades, LI has worked to increase awareness and integration of international cultures within the Lawrence and Fox Cities communities through dance formals, ethnic dinners, picnics, and many other events. Cabaret, LI’s largest event, is one of Lawrence’s most anticipated annual traditions, celebrating our international community through music, song, dance, fashion, and—of course—food from around the world.


Friendship Families

The Friendship Family Program is an informal way for students to experience typical American family life, culture, and traditions. Interested students are paired with volunteer families, giving you an instant connection in your new community.

Lawrence typically hosts two or three casual events a year for all of our Friendship Families to come together, such as a picnic or potluck. Outside of these events, students connect with their Friendship Family for meals, family gatherings, day trips, or other local events like apple picking, athletic competitions, or holiday parades.

More information, including frequently asked questions, activities lists, and testimonials, is available here.


Career Services

Career Services provides a comprehensive program to support the relationship between academic planning and career planning within a liberal arts environment. This includes collaborating on strategies to support internships, graduate or professional school, and career options. In addition, Career Services partners with alumni, faculty and staff to identify networking opportunities, outreach events and programs to assist in planning for life after Lawrence.

More information, including upcoming event, programming, and testimonials, is available here.


Health & Wellness

Our comprehensive approach encompasses all aspects of student wellness. Resources include safe and confidential medical and counseling services, as well as health and recreation (including yoga, Pilates, massage and intramural sports).

More information is available here.


Campus Safety

The personal safety and security of each student, faculty, and staff member is both an individual and community concern. Lawrence strives to provide a safe campus environment free of undue risks to persons and property within the larger Appleton community, annually recognized as one of the safest cities in the U.S.

Campus safety officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day and carry cell phones and pagers. Although their chief functions are to assist members of the community on campus and to maintain the security of university facilities, they also act as the "eyes of the campus," noting safety concerns and unusual situations in daily reports for follow-up by university personnel.

Blue light emergency phones are also accessible throughout campus.