Advising for the Biology Major

Biology majors should plan to start the three-course introductory sequence during their freshman or sophomore year. These courses need to be taken in order; however, majors can start the sequence either in the fall or the winter term.  Intermediate level biology courses require completion of BIOL 150, so students wishing to take intermediate-level courses in the sophomore year should complete BIOL 150 during the freshman year.  Students with a strong background in chemistry who pass the on-line chemistry placement exam could begin with CHEM 116 in term I. 

Examples of possible schedules for freshman biology majors:

  • BIOL 130 (term I), BIOL 150, (term II),  BIOL 170 (term III); CHEM 116 (term I) or intermediate biology + CHEM 115 & 116 (terms II & III) sophomore year
  • CHEM 116 (term I), BIOL 130 (term II), BIOL 150 (term III); BIOL 170 (term I) sophomore year
  • No science (term I), BIOL 130 (term II), BIOL 150 (term III); BIOL 170 (term I) sophomore year

Students who have earned AP or IB credit in biology are not exempt from the introductory courses.  The only means to skip BIOL 130 and/or BIOL 150 is to pass the appropriate exemption exam given during Welcome Week. 

Contact the program chair, Bart De Stasio (, for more information.

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