From the start, biology at Lawrence is focused around collaborative research and hands-on experiments. And by the start, we mean that this all begins in the very first biology course you will take.

Whether your focus is ecology, microbiology, marine biology, or genetics, you can look forward to a depth of knowledge and understanding that can come only from close collaboration with faculty and classmates on co-designed research projects.

Biology is one of Lawrence’s largest majors with a wide variety of courses.

Learn more about the courses, labs and field experience that comprise the major and minors in biology.

Get to know the biology faculty at Lawrence.

Close up shot of coral reef

The Lawrence Marine Biology Program

Dip your toe into the waters of marine biology at Lawrence with courses on coral reef ecology, environmental microbiology and ecological energetics, plus hands-on experience on the shores of Lake Michigan and in Caribbean coral reefs.

Student works with soil samples for summer research

Research Opportunities from Day One

From your first biology class to advanced seminars, opportunities for independent and collaborative research abound.

The Chandler Senior Experience

Purposeful advising in spring of sophomore year and attendance at BioFest will spark you to think about what you want to undertake for your culminating project. At a weekend Björklunden retreat during junior year, you’ll brainstorm project ideas and further sharpen your focus. Internships, LU Research Experiences and tutorials may shape your project further, which you’ll launch prior to Term II of your senior year. 

Examples of recent Senior Experiences:

  • Thermal Tolerances of Bee Genera Amongst Urban and Rural Communities
  • Characterizing the Dynamics of Angiogenin Uptake and Cellular Localization with a Split-GFP System
  • Exploring and Understanding the Role of *ttll-11* in Intraflagellar Transport
Student presents research project at BioFest

Show off your work

The culmination of your biology study is a self-designed senior research project that you will present to the Lawrence community alongside your peers during BioFest.

Close up photo of vials and rubber gloves in a lab

Biology Outcomes

Undergraduate work in biology opens the door to many advanced study opportunities as well as careers in science, technology, and health.

On Any Given Day... an array of opportunities that await you at Lawrence University.


The Scholar Athlete | This is Lawrence

Senior Ceara Larson, Natural Sciences Interdisciplinary Major (Biology-Physics) and Viking Softball Catcher, combines her work in class and on the field to research the biomechanics of a softball swing.

Students working in the science learning commons.

Science Learning Commons

Get a head start on making an impact through interactive, project-based learning in the new science learning commons, an inclusive, innovative environment for introductory courses.

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