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Headshot of Shaun Davis

Shaun Davis (He/Him/His)

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
I am a neurogeneticist who is broadly interested in the how and why natural behaviors exists. I am particularly interested in the biology of fear and how this trait can drive behavioral and physiological adaptations to protect oneself or their offspring from the threat of danger.
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Headshot photo of Bart De Stasio

Bart T. De Stasio (he/him/his)

Dennis and Charlot Nelson Singleton Professor of Biological Sciences and Professor of Biology

After discovering my passion for freshwater ecology and marine biology as a Lawrence undergraduate, I continued developing these interests by studying evolutionary ecology of zooplankton, food web interactions in the Baltic Sea, Green Bay (WI), and Lake Baikal (Russia), as well

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Meghan Raebel Headshot

Meghan Raebel (She/Her)

Assistant Laboratory Supervisor

Research Experience: Trained as a microbiologist, my research work has primarily focused on genetically modifying various metabolic pathways within blue-green algae in order to produce increased yields of potential biofuels. 

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Jodi Sedlock

Jodi Sedlock

Professor of Biology

I have been exploring the secret lives of bats for many years, mostly across the diverse archipelago of the Philippines in Southeast Asia.  In collaboration with Filipino scientists and conservation professionals, colleagues at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Law

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