Studio art at Lawrence is a multiple-medium approach that encompasses ceramics, drawing, new media, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.

Life After Lawrence

Lawrentians can enjoy careers in...

Graphic design, marketing, gallery and museum administration, conservation, painting, sculpting, photography, art therapy, education, design, digital media, TV production

Recent employers include...

AccuWeather, Walker Art Center, Trout Museum of Art, PS1 (Queens),, Museum of Modern Art, PBS, Rashaad Newsome Studio… as well as their own studios

Lawrentians can earn advanced degrees in...

M.F.A programs, architecture, art history, arts

Recent schools include...

DePaul University, Indiana University, Northwestern University, University of Wisconsin, Williams College

Create in a beautiful space

The 24/7 Wriston Art Center contains naturally lit studios for painting, drawing, and printmaking, as well as facilities for ceramics (large gas, two electric, two test kilns; raku kiln, slab roller, throwing wheels), photography (digital and film), and sculpture (tools for wood, metal, mixed media fabrication, mold making). You can display your work in galleries all over campus.

Run the Rabbit Gallery

Run by Lawrentians—where students and local artists display and sell their work in pop-up locations throughout Appleton, a city with a large artists’ community, and a huge public art scene.

Components of the Major

Introduction to Studio Art

Introduction to Drawing
2D course
(e.g., painting, drawing, photography, new media)

3D course
(e.g., ceramics, printmaking, sculpture)
 Two Art history courses

Four upper-division art courses

Studio Art Senior Seminar

Course descriptions and more courses

The Chandler Senior Experience

Studio Art seniors participate in the Senior Exhibition (a graduation requirement), and produce a digital portfolio of their work.

Recent Senior Experiences include:


Dorito Skin (interdisciplinary using new media, performance, installation and sculpture to examine music videos and other cultural constructs)

A Psychoanalysis (critique of contemporary human condition using installation with printmaking and book arts)

For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People: The National Parks as America’s Best Sources of Nutrition (photo, video, and objects portraying landscape through junk food)