Lawrence's Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop is a visiting artists program that's incorporated into the printmaking curriculum. It offers printmaking students a unique opportunity to work with artists from around the country, all while learning the fundamentals of running a business.

Entrepreneurial Coursework

As part of their coursework, printmaking students assist and participate in every step of the workshop. From selecting artists to managing the logistics of their stay, students develop the skills they would need to start their own business upon graduation. During the 2 to 4 day workshop, students learn and work closely with visiting artists to execute an edition of 20 or more prints/books. 

Students also operate one print sale every year to deepen their entrepreneurial skills.

Public Engagement

The Workshop also provides opportunities for the general community to engage with the visiting artist and student's work through:

  • Public demonstrations of the visiting artist's printing process
  • Artists discussions and critique sessions
  • Other events specific to the artist's area of interest or expertise
  • Print sales throughout the academic year that highlights students' workshop efforts 

The Workshop is part of Lawrence's Innovation and Entrepreneurship initiative that has been spearheaded by the Economics Department and made possible, in part, by a series of grants from the Coleman Foundation.

Learn about the Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop

A visiting artist program that presents hands-on discovery and entrepreneurship opportunities for printmaking students in Lawrence's Art program. 


The mission of the Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop is to cultivate a deeper understanding of printmaking as an artistic process. This is facilitated through a liberal arts curriculum in order to lead community engaged programming and projects. It also strives to foster collaborations with other departments, and to cultivate new relationships with contemporary printmakers and collectors from around the world.

Are you a printmaking artist? 

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