The Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop at Lawrence University offers a wide array of equipment to support and encourage multi-media exploration. Each visiting artist will receive student assistance.

Learn about our facilities and apply to be a guest artist today!

Lawrence University is a small liberal arts college located in Appleton, Wisconsin. 


All equipment in the Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop is available for your use. We are able to print any form of relief, lithography (plate & stone), intaglio/etching, letterpress (150 drawers of wooden & metal type), silkscreen, papermaking, and book making. Below is a list of various presses and large equipment onsite in the print shop and bindery.

  • Takach Intaglio Press (24”x44”)
  • Takach Intaglio Press (24”x44”)
  • Takach Lithographic Press (24”x44”)
  • Fuchs & Lang Lithographic Press (24”x36”)
  • Chandler & Price Treadle Pilot Press (8”x12” Chase)
  • Chandler & Price Pilot Press (6”x9” Chase)
  • Vandercook Proofing Press (12”x22” Chase)
  • Little German Press (11”x14” Chase)
  • Chandler & Price Guillotine (24”x32”)
  • Accu-Glide Silk Screen Vacuum Table (24”x30”)
  • 2 lbs. Reina Beater (Paper Pulp Beater)
  • Epson 9900 Over-sized Printer (44”x960”)
  • Epson Stylus Pro 3880 (17”x22”)
  • KutTrimmer Board Shearer (24”x24”)
  • Cricut Maker (12” x 24’)

Visiting Artist Applications

The Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop encourages any artists working within print or artist books as their primary medium to submit an application. All application materials are reviewed on a rolling basis. 

To apply, submit the following materials to Ben Rinehart at

  • Artist statement
  • Artist Resume (up to 3 pages) & Contact Information
  • A link with 10 images of your work (JPEGs, 300 dpi)
  • Letter stating area of interest or project

Discover Past Visiting Artists

Learn about past visiting artists and their work.