The mission of the Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop is to cultivate a deeper understanding of printmaking as an artistic process. This is facilitated through a liberal arts curriculum in order to lead community engaged programming and projects. It also strives to foster collaborations with other departments, and to cultivate new relationships with contemporary printmakers and collectors from around the world.


All of the equipment in the Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop is available for use. We are able to print any form of relief, lithography (plate & stone), intaglio/etching, letterpress (150 drawers of wooden type), silkscreen, papermaking, and book making. The Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop encourages multi-media exploration and each artist will have anywhere from 6-12 students at their disposal in order to execute an edition during a three or four day visit. Below is a list of the various presses and related equipment that are onsite in the print shop and bindery.

  • Takach Intaglio Press (24”x44”)
  • Takach Intaglio Press (24”x44”)
  • Takach Lithographic Press (24”x44”)
  • Fuchs & Lang Lithographic Press (24”x36”)
  • Chandler & Price Treadle Pilot Press (8”x12” Chase)
  • Chandler & Price Pilot Press (6”x9” Chase)
  • Vandercook Proofing Press (12”x22” Chase)
  • Little German Press (11”x14” Chase)
  • Accu-Glide Silk Screen Vacuum Table (24”x30”)
  • 2 lbs. Reina Beater (Paper Pulp Beater)
  • Epson 9800 Over-sized Printer (44”x960”)
  • Epson Stylus Pro 3880 (17”x22”)
  • KutTrimmer Board Shearer (24”x24”)
  • Stika Vinyl Cutter (14” x 50’)

Visiting Artist Applications

As the Director of the newly formed Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop, I am encouraging artists to apply as a visiting print artist at Lawrence University. We are a small liberal arts college located in Appleton, Wisconsin. The printmaking department has grown to include all forms of printmaking and peripheral mediums. The shop is more intimate in scale, but we have access to a wide variety of presses, tools, and media compared to similar institutions.

The Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop and I hope that we have peaked your interest and encourage you to submit an application as a visiting artist. All application materials will be reviewed on an on-going basis. Each applicant will be contacted within four weeks after receiving the application. Once selected, the awarded artist will be called to schedule a visit. The approval process is at the discretion of the Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop and thINK printmaking club. Please send the following materials to the address below: Artist Statement, Artist Resume & Contact Information, a CD with 10-20 images of your work (JPEGs, 300 dpi), and cover letter stating area of interest or project concentration. Materials will not be returned without an SASE. *Please do not use labels on CD’s, as they often do not read properly. Mac platform preferred.


The students at Lawrence are amazing with a variety of interest in many different subjects and mediums. With a student population on campus of 1,450 students, the Art & Art History Department has roughly 50 art majors and 25 minors. We offer a wide variety of courses as a part of our regular curriculum, including: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Artist Books, Photography, Digital Processes, InterArts, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Art History. Below is a listing of some expectations as a visiting artist and answers to some questions that you might have regarding The Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop.

The Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop is responsible for hosting and the following:

  • Reimburse the artist for personal travel expenses roundtrip to Appleton, Wisconsin.
  • Provide lodging and transportation as necessary to and from campus.
  • Pay meal costs per person per day during the Artist’s visit.
  • An honorarium will be paid to the Artist for services rendered.
  • All printing supplies needed to successfully complete an edition of prints are included but not limited to: papers, inks, chemicals, and matrices.
  • Posters and/or postcards are used for promotional purposes prior to the Artists’ visit.

The Artists itinerary and obligations to the Printmaking Workshop consists of the following:

  • The Artist will produce an edition of 20 or more prints/books during a 2-4 day visit at Lawrence University. The Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop receives one half (minimum of 10) of the completed prints. The Artist will retain the remaining prints and any additional artist proofs.
  • The Artist will be available for public demonstrations (while printing) and collaborate with student workers during the printing of the edition.
  • Critique and/or discussion with students and the general community during the Artists’ visit. This may involve campus related events specific to the Artist’s area of interest or expertise.
  • The Artist is responsible for cultivating a positive atmosphere that focuses on the inclusion of all people.
  • The Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop asks each artist to respect and/or embrace all elements of diversity including: race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, culture, age, etc. in how it relates to both the campus and public communities.

The Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop provides access to your Imagery and/or Project in several different ways:

  • A digital copy of your Image and/or Project will be made available on the internet via CONTENTdm or it’s successor technology. Any image(s) may be used for the purpose of promotion and/or exhibition to the general public in print or online.
  • One image becomes a part of the Wriston Print Room Permanent Collection and one image becomes a part of the Printmaking Workshops Permanent Collection.
  • Although the artist retains copyright to the image and/or project, the artist grants nonexclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, and worldwide rights to The Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop to reproduce and to distribute the image and/or project.

Lawrence University · Wriston Art Center · Benjamin D. Rinehart
711 E.Boldt Way, SPC-01 · Appleton, WI  54911
(920) 832-6621/phone · (920) 832-7362/fax · rineharb@lawrence.edu

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks for your interest and I hope to see your application soon!