Engaged Faculty - Ben Tilghman, Art History

To make art is to be human, and to look at art is to contemplate the world. In the Department of Art & Art History, students explore the importance of the visual arts in society, both through art's long history and its constant reinvention by generations of new artists. By studying how the processes of human innovation and creativity are manifested in the visual arts, students become educated global citizens and develop skills in verbal and visual literacy. In a culture that continues to become every more saturated in images, the ability to make and think about art offers reward for a lifetime.

A major is offered in either studio art or art history, and certification for teaching K-12 is available in conjunction with the studio art major.


Students Ethan Perushek '16 and Oumou Cisse '16 sharing their academic passions, like Japanese art history and creating ceramics at the Blue and White Gala.

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