Global Diversity General Education Requirement

Participation in programs listed with a (G) designation below will automatically fulfill the Global Diversity general education requirement.  Students participating in a program that does not have a (G) designation below can use the regular petition process to have a particular course taken in their program to fulfill the Global Diversity requirement.  Students who wish to have their off-campus programs work applied toward general education requirements in a particular way should petition the Faculty Subcommittee on Administration with support from the relevant academic department before participation in the program.

Québec Seminar & Internship

Canada -

Tags: French Global Studies

This program in French-speaking Chicoutimi, Canada, combines nine weeks of intensive coursework on French language and Québécois culture with four weeks of full-time internship in a business, governmental, or non-governmental organization. The program is organized through the Ecole de langue français et de culture Québécoise at the Université du Québec Chicoutimi. Students are housed with French-speaking families and participate in cultural and social activities organized by the Ecole. For more information about this exchange, please contact the Off-Campus Programs office or the French department.

Completion of French 202 or the equivalent.

Important Details

Duration and Application Information:
Offering Duration: Term
Offering Note: Fall term only.
Please contact the Off-Campus Programs office about your interest in this program by the start of winter term in the year prior to your proposed participation in this program.

Direct admission is not available for this program.

Language(s) of Coursework:
Primary: French