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Headshot of Jason Brozek

Jason Brozek

Stephen Edward Scarff Professor of International Affairs and Associate Professor of Government

Jason Brozek is Associate Professor of Government and Stephen Edward Scarff Professor of International Affairs, and since joining the faculty in 2008, has taught courses on global politics, international law, US foreign policy, climate change, and environmental policy.

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Headshot photo of Bart De Stasio

Bart T. De Stasio (he/him/his)

Dennis and Charlot Nelson Singleton Professor of Biological Sciences and Professor of Biology

After discovering my passion for freshwater ecology and marine biology as a Lawrence undergraduate, I continued developing these interests by studying evolutionary ecology of zooplankton, food web interactions in the Baltic Sea, Green Bay (WI), and Lake Baikal (Russia), as well

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headshot of Deanna Donohoue

Deanna L. Donohoue (she/her)

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Her research has included work on the gas phase oxidation of mercury in the atmosphere, halogen chemistry of the arctic and the use of remote sensing, and the impacts of passively degassing volcanoes on the biogeochemical cycling of trace gases species such as ozone, mercury, an

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David Gerrard profile portrait

David Gerard (He, him, his)

John R. Kimberly Distinguished Professor of the American Economic System and Associate Professor of Economics
I am the John R. Kimberly Distinguished Professor in the Department of Economics. A number of my courses are cross-listed in the Enviormental Studies and Government departments. My research interests are in risk regulation and public policy, particularly in areas of energy and the environment.
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the head and shoulders of a smiling, dark haired woman against a black background. She is wearing a light green top and a black cardigan sweater.

Monica Rico (she/her)

Robert S. French Professor of American Studies and Professor of History

Monica Rico specializes in the history of early and nineteenth-century America. Her interests include transatlantic history, the American West, gender and environmental history.

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Jodi Sedlock

Jodi Sedlock

Professor of Biology

I have been exploring the secret lives of bats for many years, mostly across the diverse archipelago of the Philippines in Southeast Asia.  In collaboration with Filipino scientists and conservation professionals, colleagues at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Law

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